Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, March 23, 2013

                                                     Update and New Happenings.
Our lovely tania had her surgery on Friday,7 1/2 hours,much more invasive than was first thought so we have to wait now for her to feel well enough to talk to see what  they needed to do and what is next as they took biopsy's from other areas..we are concerned for her but praying that it is all gone.The girls from our little shop will send flowers tomorrow,she is a much loved volunteer.

Remember long ago I told you of the little park that our little op shop started ,well part two has started and we are so excited, here is the progress so far....

   These downloaded out of order but you will get my drift lol...this was day 2

This was day 3

 This is day 4 the equipment is in place,now needs to be secured and soft fall rubber will be pured for the soft landings.
This was day 1 ,I drove by and could not believe that our adult exercise equipment area was being prepared!
We are so excited we worked so hard to raise the money to make this park a nice place to be and itis happening at last!

Our roses have been gloriuos this year so I have been making my own poi pouri? and when i shook the sheet they naturally fell into a heart shape,made my day.

Hope you had a lovely week,I pray that you think about our serving boys in Afghanistan this week as they are doing it tough ans some more than others,all of them are special and someones sons.

May your days be ful of joyful light,
May your smile be full,open and bright,
As you pass a stanger today.
Smile your smile and say G'Day.
I am sue you will make someone feel  special.


  1. Love to Tania from me and say G'Day.
    Your rose heart says it all. It's made me smile and I think it was trying to be bigger than your heart - it didn't succeed. :)
    Take care.
    Love from Mum

  2. Bless Tania hope all goes well for her she sounds like a great kind giving person. Sending my love.
    That's fantastic the park, is it like what we call green gyms. Its great as its like free & outdoor.
    It must be tough for mums,relatives of soldiers. Trust they keep safe xxxx
    ps hope you and your family are ok and your lovely mum x

  3. I hope Tania recovers. She is so lucky to have friends like you.

    The park is going to be wonderful.

    Sft x

  4. All my pictures also upload to blogger in the wrong order! I don't know why?
    However, it is quite easy to 'hold down the left mouse key' over the picture and 'drag' it to where it should be.
    Cheers.....Bernard x