Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, June 4, 2011

                                                        So Long Lovely Bella

We have made a huge decision recently, we are going to sell our Bella,Bob is not confident on her anymore and she is so big and heavy that he finds it very tiring after a long ride.
We have had some amazing times on her and she has done us proud never ever breaking down.
The senses on a bike ride are like no other form of travelling,you can smell the grasses, flowers,the smell of coal fires burning(yukk) but it still tells you that you are alive!
The most amazing place we have ridden over the years is down The Great Ocean Road,most Aussies have this place on their bucket list to see.On the bike you are just a stones throw from the ocean, the 12 Apostles are there,huge rock formations coming form the sea,now there are only 8 left I believe.
Our grandchildrens faces when we used to arrive on the bike was wonderful,we were the "cool"grandparents lol,guess our place will lower a little now.
All our leathers will be given to our son and his wife to use,we will hang up our helmets sadly and look for the caravan we would like, to start new adventues in 3 years when we get to retire.
Another change is coming and for the good I think, I am feeling a bit like when the children leave home, will someone else love her and respect her as we have...well we have to find someone to buy her first lol.
So farewell lovely Bella thankyou for the fun you gave us,the wonderful feeling of freedom as we went along the highways and the byways,the youthfulness that comes with not being confined to all the windows and doors of a vehicle,I will not miss the hemet hair,unfortunately I was not the blonde in the adds that when she removed the helmet and shook her head her hair cascaded down her back...sigh...just short hair for me.


  1. oh big ((hugs)), I do feel for you, and for Bob, my hubby hung up his helmet many many years ago, but still longs for his BMW. Even listens out for them still when we drive our mundane sedan around the countryside.

  2. Why not replace her with a cheeky little red sports car?

  3. Now you are talking Cro,though I do have a snappy little black number,unfortunately you can't sleep in it without tying yourself in knots lol

  4. Always sad to part with an old friend. I parted with my old Morgan 3-wheeler a couple of years ago, after 40 years together.
    Like you I am now looking at caravans and camper-vans. A few 'home comforts' are what I need.

  5. Carole - It is a bit sad when things have to come to an end - but Bella has provided you with wonderful memories and that's nice. But a caravan would be brilliant to go places - something to look forward to in the future.
    Just to let you know too - I have a new blog address - someothermountain.blogspot.com would love to see you if you have a minute to pop over xxx

  6. Oh Carole, I had a tear in my eye, sniff sniff,when things change it takes a bit of getting used to doesn't it, but you young at heart's will find a new adventure :o)). We have done the Great ocean road in a car.... but it was the most memorable trip all the same, we vow to go back again one day.Thanks for visiting my blog by the way and how lucky are you to have a resident spirit,I have seen a "something" out of the corner of my eye here but nothing to describe like you lovely lady. I would love to do a trip to all the old haunted places in Australia, we went to Port Arthur in Hobart and I could have stayed another day, fascinating. Now I'm rambling :o)
    Big Hugs
    Chris XX

  7. How could Bernard part with his Morgan! Was this the one with the external Jap engine? I remember driving one back in the 60's (not mine sadly). What a wonderful old car!