Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, January 11, 2014

                                                             The week that was......

Some visitors to our garden, Bob puts Georgies left over food in a feeder attached to our large Gum tree and we get so many visitors, these couple are so quiet we can go almost right up to them, they bring their babies to show us each season,sometimes there is up to 8 visiting, this day just the two came and it was great as Lilli was here to see them too.


And here are some pedestrians that I met this week,funny things cows they just stare at you and move when they are good and ready,we wasted a whole 5 minutes this day and we did not care they are just lovely,isn't it wonderful how long cows eye lashes grow.
One farmer has Alpacas to mind his sheep a white one and a black one, I just love them, they also have amazing eyes.

Thursday they were on the roadside feeding,we are so desperate for rain, food is not plentiful again and so they feed on the 'long yard" as we call it over here, you need a permit and have to pay to do this,hand feeding takes it toll on the farmers,hopefully rain will come soon.

Not a drop of water left in the many creeks I cross,I can't wait until the rains come and the wood hens come back and the lizards are there  having a drink,poor things wonder where they found a waterhole.

Have a wonderful week everyone and may the sun shine on your lives and in your hearts,may your plates and tummies be full,while our lives just go on a flow others are so hungry and homeless, we are truly blessed to be where we are,God is good to our family I pray that he will find a solution for all those struggling,in our own little way we all need to do a little no matter how small,one person does make a difference.


  1. That DOES look dry... like here in August. We've been having some lovely weather here recently (it won't last) and our small lizards have been out absorbing the sun's heat. I love to see them running about on the front of the house.

  2. I do love to see these photos of where you live. In fact I have been to Hunter's Valley with my sister when I was visiting OZ in 2011. My sister lives in Gilgandra,she has a motel there. I don't think we passed your town but I would have liked to have explored the area much more .

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. I'm glad your family is all doing well. Will you miss driving round the countryside in the lovely weather when you retire? I guess you can still do it for fun!

  4. Lovely pictures of the birds and animals. Seems so unfair that we're having all the rain here and you don't have any. Hope you get refreshing rain soon, but also lots of sunshine to go with it.

  5. I do love Alpacas!
    England is very wet at the moment, unlike where you are.

  6. Hellooo lovely Carole
    Its been such a long time since I A : I came to visit your blog and B : posted on my blog, I have a new one: http://thenestoftwigs.blogspot.com.au/
    we are seeing the same conditions at home, dry and animals dying, very sad. I am staying with mum at the moment caring for her, until.....we can get her into a nice aged care facility ( she doesn't want to know about it) :-/ so I have been missing the goings on back home, mum is at Cooranbong, not all that far from you :-) hope your mum is doing well xoxox

  7. Hi hun
    Good to see a little sunshine instead of this dreary dreary grey wet stuff!
    Hope you ok
    Huge hugs hun x x x

  8. This is my first visit here, and I love your home and the porch and railings. I am in California and we are praying for rain. I hope God sends you and us plenty of rain this month.