Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, March 18, 2012

                                         Surprise Visit and a V.S.D.(very spoilt dog.)

I have been missing from blogging for a few weeks,just coping with the changes in life and... not at times...so just taking a day at a time.Our daughter bought the children for a visit on the weekend and what is more Aussie than going bush with an esky of cold drink,watermelon,sausages and fresh fluffy buns.Portable barbie and a four wheel drive and off we go...
We went to a wonderful place of rapids and shallow pools and although wet and cold the kids did not care,a great swim then a sausage sizzle and watermelon,a great day,it just made me so thankful to have an uncomplicated day.

 How beautiful and pristine is this...
 Alex, Livvy and Will checking out the natural slippery dip .
 Just a little bit chilly and slippery.
Miss Molly in her new bed, the lady that calls to wash her gave it to her for a gift..make that Princess Molly will you, she just loves it and check out the bow the lady puts in after her bath..

I had a lovely time last week at Cackle Club a lady that I met through a comment she left on an English blog Tilly Rose turned out to live 10 minutes away and now is in our group, she is just so lovely,welcome Paula...check out Paula Alice's blog she makes lovely dolls..what a small world blogland is.!


  1. THAT is one very spoilt doggy. I think Queen Molly might be more appropriate.

  2. that dog bed is too cute - I saw a similar one and contemplated buying it for my girls then I realized that they have two sofas, one day bed, my favourite chair, one chaise lounge, and about four or five cushions in different rooms - as if they need another bed!

  3. What an amazing coincidence! And lovely she's joined the group.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful family day with us.

    Sft x

  4. i always enjoy reading about your family Carole
    Miss Molly looks very regal, maybe you could make a little crown for the bed head LOL

  5. Hi Carole
    Long time no visit, and I have missed reading all about the comings and goings in your life. Glad you were able to have a relax and enjoy a splash and a sausage sizzle.

  6. Looks like a super great time was had by all!

    Olly is very happy on his return home each day.....I guess it's my job to ensure that....and I'm glad so far that I'm doing well...
    My friend and I had a lovely chat and enjoyed the lovely brownies!

  7. wow how cute is the last pic. Mind if I pinch hehe xx

  8. Hi that looks like a beautifull place. I love thesound of water streaming byone of those lovely nature sounds. Miss Molly looks most beautiful sitting there . Glad you are ok and try and get your special quiet time in x x x

  9. It sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day enjoying your grandkids. Miss Molly is very cute and she seems to really appreciate her new bed. xx

  10. Miss Molly looks every inch the princess in her lovely new bed - she is lovely!

    Looks like you had a great day out there Carole. Good to see you again and that you are well.


  11. Looks like a great day out swimming, kids will get in no matter what the weather is like!! Wouldn't get me in for anything!!! Hope to see you soon. You were very generous about my self portrait! Thank you. I know its not a great painting as far as artists go, but its important to me. Have a nice weekend. xo