Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, February 26, 2012

                                                     Remember that old song......

"All my friends are getting married" do you remember that song...well at the moment it seems "All my   friends are getting ill"... and I wish it were a happier time for them.
My most recent close to the heart person is the brother of my dear friend of Eva that passed away.He and is lovely wife Debbie had us in their home for  7 weeks in the Uk and are just delightful,that horrible Mr C has gotten hold of Chris and he was diagnosed this week with a brain tumor,We are all gutted and never has the other side of the world seemed the actual distance it is.
They live in Over Almonsbury not far from Bristol,and it has always seemed just to be a Skype away or a phone call...now it seems it is so far removed it may well be the moon.
Louise who is flying back to the UK today is the sister of Chris and to get the news while she was over here was very upsetting.
We are all hopeful,faithful,and trusting that he will come through this,we will know how bad it all is on Wednesday.They are very strong and so in love they will get through this.
Are you unwell at the moment..someone close to you...yourself...here's a little thing I thought of in the middle of the night,I think as only women do........

Today if there is a knock at your door..it will be Strength..let him in...
With him he will be holding Hope,take hold and keep him close to your heart,
Following Hope will be Faith the most important visitor of all.
Trailing along will be Trust and all together as a group these will be something special.
Take hold of this precious group as you go through your day, be selfish and ravel in them,share your secret with others as they say how can you be so strong,without these you cannot fight the fight and get through.
Each day feel the blessing of another day to have Faith ,that you can do this,and Trust that you are not alone,this will give you Hope as some days seem so long and daunting,these together will carry you through,it will fill you with wonder that you are have such Strength that you are an inspiration to others.
You are allowed to be sad and have tears as they are all normal,it is ok to be angry,that is normal too,and it is very ok to be feeling lost....
Then there will be a knock at the door...let them in ...they will be your saviour..give you everything you need ,these topped up with love of your friends and family and many hugs ,remember to share your load and most important remember to...stop... breathe...and gather your coping tools around you and soldier on....
My prayers with those that are ill today and feel they can't cope, yes you can,answer that door and go forward.
Not all illnesses are visible the same applies for those struggling mentally as sometimes this can be the worst of all.
Have a blessed and peaceful day,someone in blogland is praying for you today..what a wonderful world.


  1. Strength, Hope, Faith and Trust called by here too. Thanks for a lovely blog Carole All the best to Debbie and Chris my thoughts and prayers are with them

  2. I will be sending Love and positive thoughts to your dear friends.

  3. Oh It is so hard when loved ones far away are ill. what lovely words you shared today - thank you!

  4. Very sorry to hear about your friend Chris. I do hope he reads your words... they're bound to encourage him.

    What a beautiful name for a village (?); Over Almonsbury.

  5. Virtual hugs to you and your friend. Your words are beautiful.
    Love from Mum

  6. Dear Mrs. Carole,
    Thank you for for sharing with us about Strength, Faith, Hope & Trust - it is beautiful and encouraging - one I will remember.
    Keeping your dear friends, Chris & Debbie, in prayer.

  7. Oh, I will pray for your friends.

    Thanks for sharing your quote with me.

    Sft x

  8. I'm so sorry to read this.....praying for good health for your friendxxx

  9. Hi hope you are ok my lovely x x
    My thoughts are with your dear friends at this really tough time x x