Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


                                                                     The Week that was....

Outside our door at the beach,beautiful Rainbow Lorakeets feeding on the flowers of the palms,there were so many but thought this a typical shot of them,they make a screeching sound but it is not unpleasant ,actually it is quite lovely.
We had a great girls weekend away, I have never done that before and it was a delight,I now know why friends do it at times and hope that I can again sometime,but home comes first and I know Bob and Mum don't really like it when I am away so I just did not think about them too much,I had time to reflect on my health and what I should do to make life lighter for myself so we can get this thing under control,I do not know why but it seems easier to talk to friends than family about such things as the family want to put you in cotton wool,as I say to them I am the same today as yesterday it is just that my problem now has a name.

This is Louise in the apartment that we had for the weekend,it was lovely and she is the guest and making us a coffee lol but it was really nice just to sit and chatter and at times me embroider while Marg read and Louise sun baked by the pool.

Margie had her 60th..the whole point of Louise coming from the Uk it was a small family lunch and close friends and it was just lovely..
                                                    Richard,Marg and her Mum at her birthday.
 Louise at Margies party,it is very funny to us because she is from UK and so brown from 6 weeks in Spain and we are all white like lillies lol.

 Louise and Marg came for dinner last night, it just happened to be our wedding anniversary but when we made arrangements for dinner it was the only night they were free so we did not tell them until they arrived as I know they would have said it was not fair to come that night but for me it was perfect..we had leg of Lamb on the Webber and roast vegies and a strawberry cream cake for sweeties and a lot of chatter,we did not have a glass of wine as the girls don't drink so we will go out on Sat night for dinner...and we can share a glass of wine then..42 years now...Bob always says you get less time for murder...I think it is a joke lol...

This was taken at Margies birthday and not a real attractive nasal shot,but i guess 42 years on we wonder why we look like a pair of old farts,where did the young couple go..somewhere in all those wrinkles and cracks,they are after all the life's journey records and we should wear our age proudly( so they tell us).

I am now banned from parcel delivery as this is what wears me out,but on the large delivery days I will drive while Bob delivers,otherwise I am to come home and rest(sew) after I do my mail run,I have to say I am so relieved as some days I can barely put one foot in front of the other doing this so that is going to make a huge difference on my health,I am worried about Bob though as now his burden will be heavier! can't win can we...never mind it is not digging coal or shovelling soil all day on the whole it is a good light job.I am now in the process of lightening up my load as far as community work goes but will hopefully keep doing the op shop and the Seniors day..the rest is in the process of elimination.

Today is Ash Wednesday,important to many of us,this means it is only 6 weeks until Easter,another year flying by....
Have a lovely day,and blessings in abundance as you walk through your life this week,make each day count,but I know you do that already...Thank you for all your lovely comments,and for caring it makes life so much more meaningful to know that others care...


  1. Hi Carole
    I am so glad you got to have a nice weekend away. Its good to be in the company of others.
    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, we always realise we have missed ours!.( one year we will remember)! You both look really happy in your picture.
    I am glad you are trying to lighten your load . It sounds like you have a full & busy life & it will do you good. I hope you feel better for it & notice a difference. You look after yourself x x

  2. Carole, how good to have a time-out with your girlfriends. It's so easy to spend all our time and energy looking after our families, that we can so easily go down ourselves. Thinking about you. Take each day as it comes, oh and lots of congratulations on your wedding anniversary, that meal sounds absolutely delicious. Love Molly xx

  3. What a fun day that looks. I love all the happy faces!

  4. Happy Anniversary and keep looking after yourself.
    Love from Mum

  5. Oh I missed your prior post someho :-0
    So sorry for the news re your health but at least now you have a proper diagnosis and with proper treatment you may start to feel better hopefully.


  6. It looks like a great get together. Happy Ash Wednesday everyone. Today is a day to remember that from dust we came and to dust we will return. Blessings to all!