Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Thursday, February 9, 2012


                                                 OMG...What The!!! and all that Jazz....

On Wednesday in "my office "things were a buzz with goings on.......

After much rain and bad weather the roads were a total mess so the council is up to repairing them,however it a a truly long and winding road,only one car can fit at a time with a shear drop one side and rock sides the other and more than OMG passed my lips hen I came around the corner and found the Council boys at work...

 The tipper truck dropping a load of soil,pull over mail lady and sit awhile,should only be 15 mins or so.....
 Then the grader came along to level it out...then sure enough 15 mins later...
 The roller driver calls out"follow me through love otherwise the next 2 trucks behind will hold you up"...what lovely fellows they are,coming back they could see me off in the distance so they stopped work until I went through so I would not have to wait..I did not mind it was so nice just sitting.
 Not a good pic as it was lightly raining..but I could not help but think sometimes working on the land must be so lovely,this is a young couple going out to muster,so typically Australian,they have their Dryzabones on (coats) their hats and riding along and waving me to say it is safe no cattle on the road...they have 2 little children and I often see the 4 of them riding...hello Scott hello Cindy bet they had a good but tiring day.
 This is the gate that I have to open into the last farm on my run,after this gate the homestead is still 1.5 kilometres along the road,as you can see the horses are just seeing if it is me or the family home..these people breed Polo horses.
 Then this lovely, a type of sheep that sheds her wool and just a little on her back left..here she is looking right and left to see if she is safe....
Being a typical sheep she decided she would come onto the road and ended up running along the centre for another few klms,each time I stopped thinking she would move to the side she would go straight to the middle...some people say sheep are silly,I tend to think they are just jokers having a fun time...
Anyway that was my day...
This afternoon I am off to Newcastle to babysit for my daughter and back home tomorrow,she is in a charity run and needs me, I am happy to go down,saves her the trip of bringing them to us..
Also Eva's  sister arrived safe from the UK yesterday, Margy took her on a harbour cruise straight off the plane,Louise called and said it was the most wonderful thing she has ever done...a good start to her holiday,I will have to wait to see her tomorrow afternoon...
She is bring goodies with her by request and we will pay her in Aussie dollars..M&S undies...loats of wool and other things,the list would have been endless if i had asked for some CK lol next time....


  1. I always enjoy reading about your working day Carole!

  2. that drive looked a bit scary - good job the truckers saw you through. How lovely to meet Eva's sister. You will have so much to talk about, Carole

  3. You have a great job, nice country drive everyday. Well I enjoy a drive along winding country roads but for you doing it everyday can probably get boring....but then again the view would change every day.

  4. what a lovely post Carole,enjoy your day.xx

  5. I am glad they are fixing the roads, and you are an amazing mail lady! 1.5km down after you open the gates :) They don't even deliver our mail here in a rural area on the main road! I think you do a real service to your little community.

  6. That's just how I picture the Oz outback. Wonderful.

  7. Carole your parcel for Stuart's Mum arrived. Thank you so, so much! What a gorgeous bundle of goodies. I am CERTAIN that she will love them as much as do!

    Bigggggggggggg hugs



  8. What a beautiful area you get to work in everyday. Must be such a pleasure ...

  9. What an interesting day for you! Just amazing!

    Glad the UK trip went well.

    Sft x

  10. Hi Carole
    Thats such beautiful scenery. I think that road would make me feel a little nervous (I am terrible at parking!)
    Yes I agree sheep are jokers to!
    I hope your daughters charity run went well & you had a nice little visit x x take care

  11. What an amazing place to spend your working day, so different to mine. Hope you have a lovely time with your visitor and enjoy your goodies from the UK.
    Ann x

  12. A wonderful post....I will never tire of reading your life day by day. Thanks for sharing it with your blog friends worldwide.