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Our Home our Haven

Thursday, February 16, 2012

                                          How's my Health? well seeing you asked lol...

You know I don't go to the doctor very often but the last 3 years I have been with the same beautiful Samantha an English doctor who came to our little area,married with 3 kids,she just works 3 days a week and to get an appointment is a nightmare,she is very casual but I really like her and you can talk to her..however..

Yesterday after my visit to the Thyroid specialist and finally after 3 years of tablet hopping trying to get my life under control the answers were given and Samantha's bottom is about to be dutifully smacked.

He immediately looked at the scans and told me I have Graves disease,and that he should have been seeing me 3 years ago as my bloods were so out of whack anyone could see what the problem was! Margy my friend is having a lovely time gloating as she told me time after time Sam is really slack you should be sent away...literally lol.

So at last I know I am not going mad,I am not having a breakdown,have not got Altzimers and have not got the early onset of many  things that you get when you are older,most of the time I feel absolutely awful,that the world is closing in on me and that all the community things I do have recently become just too much.I have started to pull back a little but now for a while I have to pull back a lot..the doctor was surprised I could function at such an active job and must take that easier as well...
So at last I just have to wait another 3 months now while he does a control of blood tests and then he will decide on the treatment,there is no "if I need it" it is which way to go,it is either Radioactive treatment or an op on the throat to remove the diseased gland..

Funnily as soon as he told me what was wrong I was so relieved to think that something was up and not just being mad lol..other Thyroid girls will know what I mean...
On the home front..now...Bob says I must not do the parcels,he will do them I will just do my bush part...what!!!!! I have been feeling like this for way over three years and now you worry lol...I am fine...I am fixable..I am relieved that these awful feelings will go away soon and I can cope with that...

I have just changed doctors not because of anything other than I can never get into Sam but because our tiny town has at last managed to get a doctor and I only have to pop down the road to have the bloods done,Mum can get in easy and it is more convenient,he is a lovely young family man,and very caring lucky his teeth are so white as in a dark room you cannot find Doctor Ali..he is already a much loved member of the community.

I wish I had listened to my friend and insisted on seeing a specialist and I would have had the treatment 3 years ago,but...it is not too late ..just goes to show that maybe we should not be so slack and change perhaps is not a bad thing...

Louise is having a lovely time over here and we are trying to fill her days with joy between us all,and this weekend Margy and I are taking her down the coast,Lou wants to lay in the sun and bake! we will sit under the shade of a tree and chat lol...it is so funny Louise was is Spain for 6 weeks before she came over here and is so brown and we Aussies are all pale as not many people sun bake much now except the young as the sun is just too hot...well usually...this year there has been very little summer...

Hopefully I will get to take some pics when we take her for a Dolfin watch ride...that should be lovely...and some tales to tell.....


  1. Bob says I must not do the parcels,he will do them

    better than a wilted rose from the garden xx

  2. Carole so glad that you have had a proper diagnoses at last. Hope things go well for you

  3. I to am so pleased that you've got a proper diagnoses at last.

    Hope things get better and you enjoy your little break.

    Sft x

  4. Dear Carole,
    Oh dear, I have no idea what this is all about, so I had to look it up -

    "Graves' disease is an autoimmune disease where the thyroid is overactive, producing an excessive amount of thyroid hormones (a serious metabolic imbalance known as hyperthyroidism and thyrotoxicosis). This is caused by thyroid autoantibodies (TSHR-Ab) that activate the TSH-receptor (TSHR), thereby stimulating thyroid hormone synthesis and secretion, and thyroid growth (causing a diffusely enlarged goiter). The resulting state of hyperthyroidism can cause a dramatic constellation of neuropsychological and physical signs and symptoms."

    Dear Carole,
    I STILL have no idea what it is all about - however I hope you get it all sorted out. I really DO!
    All the very best.....Bernard. x

  5. Glad you know what is wrong .Sometimes Doctors have a lot to answer for Sometimes they just don't listen and have preconceived ideas
    Speaking from experience here
    Take care xx

  6. Medicine is ALL ABOUT diagnosis. A doc' might be all sweetness and light, but unless they spot what is wrong, they are useless. Hope you get it fixed pronto. Bisou, Cro.

  7. I am so glad you have finally got a proper diagnosis Carol. I hope the specialist can fix the problem quick smart.
    Sending you love and kisses!

  8. Hi Carole
    I am glad that they have got to the bottom of this. I hope you have as much information as you can & armed with this can take control. I just had a quick read about it on google. I am not surprised you have been feeling out of whack so to speak.I hope you are up to date with your eye tests to .
    You must take it as easy as what your current life lets you.
    You get out on your lovely porch & pop those feet up. x x x
    Thinking of you. If I lived in your area I would come round armed with cake x x

  9. I am so glad you will finally get your health under control, it must be such a relief for you.