Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, February 4, 2012

                                   Ok Back to positive Caroleness.....
First of all thank you Mum for the blog award...I now have to work out how to get the tag and follow through...I will get there.....

Secondly...I received some lovely late birthday presents but wanted to share this one..it came at a good time and the saying perfect..it is a cook book holder and another friend gave me a new cookbook...

The pic is of some of our Cackle Club girls...extended family you might say.

Remember the boys that dropped off $300 for me to do more care packages for the soldiers..well for $300 I got 12 boxes done,4 men,4 women and 4 dog ones....they are almost ready to send...

 All lined up ready to be packaged ans customs forms to be done.
 These are the dog and handlers ones lollies for the dog handler,now there has been some nuts and goodies added as well

 This is the mens one ,when I weighed them I still had some extra weight to use so several other items have been added now
Same as the ladies I had 500gms spare weight so they ladies have shavers and some pretties added..these will be sent by March 19th for a treat for Anzac day for the troops,once again our little town has been wonderful and packages are being done all over,I am very grateful to the young men that donated this lot for me.
Next this week at work was so wet and slippery ,I am always so careful when driving in these conditions,here are some wet and amazing friends I saw along the way..

 Can you see him high up on a branch.....
 About to go in flight,a huge Wedgetail Eagle he is so magnificent,and when he flew off I was in awe..I often see a pair but he was alone on Thursday.
Here are a regular mob of roos that I see,they check if it is me,seem to say hello and then hop away...

Then a little walk around my garden,not much just a peek...the roses have been so lovely this year..

 New little shrubs each side of the front steps,I found some wonderful ceramic mushrooms so just had to have them.
 Raindrops on roses what is more beautiful....
 Eva's rose, we all have one of these her Mr Lincoln,her very favourite so all us friend bought one when she passed away...it si so beautiful to smell.
Our lovely lady and her flowering Naked Ladies...not sure if they are called that all over the world.

Now a small ornament that i could not leave at the p shop..ooops breaking all my own rules...it is made in South Africa, I presume someone bought it back at sometime as it is marked that it was handmade from a market there...I think the looks of it just says it all,I now sit it at my new desk and feel full of love and grace when I look upon it...

Thankyou for all being such lovely blog friends, I seem to be coming out of the abyss at last...excitement is building up as Eva's sister Louise is coming from the UK for a 3 week visit us,Eva's other close friend Margie and me,and we will share the time,we have much planned so I will share it along the way...
Have a wonderful evening..


  1. Once again, well done Carole. Those guys, galls, and dogs will just love you (and your local boys). It must be so nice to receive one of your lovely thoughtful parcels.

  2. Ditto what Cro said!

    Emailed you Carole re your T towel/hand towel offer ;]


  3. Happy birthday Carole,what lovely gifts you received and how lovely of you to do the care packages and what a spectacular garden you have.xx

  4. What a wonderful idea those packages are. I'm sure they will be received very gladly.
    Your roses are lovely, and your statue...well, so similar to the one I have in my garden!

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  6. Eva's rose is so lovely. Carole hope you had a special birthday.

  7. I agree with the above and I do love the smell of a Mr Lincoln rose, don't think you can beat it.

  8. You are so inspiring, and I wanted to share your lovely blog with all my readers so have given you the liebster award. That means favourite in German. Take care

  9. Thanks for sending those parcel, my son inlaw is currently in Afghanistan and we hope they all stay safe.