Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Monday, February 6, 2012

                                                          Simple Pleasures
Yesterday sweet William started school,I have no pic although the family sent me one on my phone but I cannot get them on to my PC....another end to a part of life,he is the last of the grandchildren to venture into the world of learning and no more babies.
Ahhhh the memories of the smell of a little baby,the lovely waft of their hair,talc and creams after bathtime...all awaiting in the world of great grandchildren now...will I be blessed to see them arrive as my mother has been,who knows.. I hope to see my grandaughters marry..or at least see them and the boys fall in love....
I believe it is the simple things that make life sweet..the smell of rain here in Australia as it hits the dry dusty earth,there is nothing quite like it,although this supposed summer we have had more rain than we knew God could store!
The smell of the roast cooking as you come through the door,at Christmas time the puddings boiling in the pots and the sweetness of the fruits when being mixed...
Yesterday as I got to the last gate to open on the last mail delivery I drove through and as I went to get in the car realised I had driven through a great thumping dollop of cow manure,lovely and fresh and sloppy...ahh now there is a smell,lol maybe not the best but if you have to come across a great pile I would take cow over dogs anytime lol...sorry great subject that is..however luckily I go through a water crossing so that cleaned up all under the car...
I never knew that paper had such a strong smell until I became a postie and parcel lady,as we sort the mail in the cool of the morning,all we can smell is the scent of paper and sometimes a wiff of perfume,yes people still send love letters...next week is Valentines day and there will be many of these.
Once one of my customers partner was in jail,and he wrote every single day and the messages  on the outside of the envelopes were enough to make your hair curl,I never dared to think about what he had to say inside the letters lol or maybe it was his way of making the postie lady wonder...as I did... lol
The funniest thing is when I take parcels to homes that are unexpected.."O'h , wonder who this is from and what is in it?" why do they ask me that? how would I know?  then they almost always say wait till I open it and we can see what it is...hence I am always late! I am glad each time as I get to see the pleasure it brings to people..life as a country postie is pretty good on the whole..just one thing would be better, I would love to be staying at home being a housewife,doing the simple things and sewing or whatever,greeting Bob after a days work,where as I am working with him each day and I have almost forgotten the excitement a wife feels when her loved one comes home safe...ahhh well in another life maybe...


  1. Smells do make us nostalgic don't they, I know exactly what you mean about babies, they smell beautiful!

    A lovely post.

    Sft x

  2. A big day in young William's life and in yours too, Carole. Hope his first day went well xx

  3. lovely post Carole.xx

  4. Yep cow over dog anytime, A good hosing for cow does the trick.

  5. Seus dias cheios de aventuras são o maior prazer que se pode ter na vida... Aqui no Rio de Janeiro minha rotina com a família é um pouco parecida. Tire proveito disto tudo e continue compartilhando conosco estas alegrias!
    Um grande abraço carioca

  6. Oh what a GORGEOUS post.....Indeed....There is something unique about the smell of rain here in Australia along with the smell of Christmas puddings boiling....I haven't smelt a roast in a LONG time but your words made me remember Sundays at my Grandmothers....

    THANK YOU for my FIRST smile of the day....!!!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  7. Hi always love your posts. I bet he felt very special starting big school,it probably feels huge to a little un!
    Sounds like you are a good friend on your postal rounds to.
    Hope you are well & getting a little special time x x