Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

               Some things are just too hard to put to words.

There are times when things just seem to tough to write about, then one thinks its all ok ,the stress is over life is good,how come the mind is till in turmoil then?
I have not blogged for a little while, we had a huge family trauma and I have been away helping but I sat here many times to write but could not, I do not understand.

Last week our eldest granddaughter Lilli  aged 10 became quite ill.She has had  indigestion for over a year  and then headaches for days,nothing Kirsty gave her could shift it,after going to the Doctor and blood tests they were no sooner home than the phone ringing saying her hemoglobin count was very low,come back for more tests, doing so the same again,it had dropped even more,she was taken to hospital and same again ,by this time she was passing blood,her usually beautiful brown skin was yellow and her face white.She was taken to a larger hospital for furthur investigation, by now a full body scan was done and a Meckles Divicum? (can't spell it),this is like a pouch coming off the intestine,left over from not closing off as a baby,these are usually found in the first year of life, this thing is like an alien,it makes its own acids etc and wa wrapped around her bowel so her body had to cope with double acids etc it was found and was bleeding and about to errupt,life threatening, she was given blood and operated on immediately. We are so blessed that Lillli got through as it may have not been that way.She is so brave we are so proud of her but it has been a harrowing week to say the least.
As I sat to write about it when I came home ,I found that I had coped while I drove the 2 hours to get to my son and his family,he had to wait back until I could get there with his little boys,then he could go to his wife and  sick child, then the boys were so upset about their sister that their behaviour was so out of the ordinary but it was understandable although for the first time ever it reduced me to tears, having said that it was probably the shock that made me that way too.Then driving home I was exhausted  and although all was well and we actually had Lilli home after 3 days as the the op went beautifully and the recovery quite quick,the trouble was in the before not the after, I found that the whole event caught up with me,how strange that we cope while its all happening and crumble when it is all over.
I praise God that it all happened on the actual day it did, I have only just gotten a girl to do every second Friday for me, we used to have only the work car but recently got another small car for emergencies! and I had Bob to look after Mum.It never fails to surprise me how things work to a rhythm.
Having said all that I am in total selfish mode as when I turn on the news our country is ravaged by floods, we have family in these areas too,at the moment they are safe, a little 4 years old dies this morning while they tried to rescue him, there are 76 missing that they know of, there are at least 13 dead,people have lost absolutley everything and it is not even near over yet, it is coming into our state now and is where my mother in law lives and just a flash came across to where I go delivering mail, I won't be crossing creeks today, what I am saying is wake up Carole, Lilli is safe!shake yourself girl and see what we can do to help these people that will never be the same again.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings,I am so thankful for all we have,I do not know how people cope when the outcome is the loss of a child, we were and are so blessed.


  1. This whole thing must have come as an emormous shock to you and it is no ownder that your emotions are upside down. Take it day by day now, try to rest as much as you can.

  2. Carole - my heart goes out to you for all that you've been through. Thank heavens little Lilli is making a good recovery. Your reactions after going through all this don't surprise me one little bit - totally natural. And you are the most caring, unselfish person I know! My thoughts and prayers are all around all those people in the floods. We watch it on the news every day! Take care. Love Molly xx

  3. Hi Carole, I am so thankful that your precious little girl is recovering. Praise the Lord! I can put myself in your shoes and know, at least I think I know, how devasting it was. It is only human that you were overtaken with your own worries.
    There is so much going on in the world, problems here and there. My heart goes out to the unfortunate. Gerry

  4. Sorry to hear of your news Carole, I am glad that your precious grand daughter has pulled through her health scare. God was definitely with you all.

    The floods are terrible, Mother Nature at it's worst.

    Take care of you and God bless,


  5. 2011 has certainly started badly. Thank goodness your little Lilli was diagnosed in time.

    As with all natural disasters, one feels so completely helpless. Keep safe; Cro.

  6. What a horrible thing to have happen to your lovely Lilli and what a worrying time for the whole family.
    So happy it was diagnosed and can be treated.
    Sending love to you all x

  7. So glad to hear all is well with Lilli.....I hope you are safe from the floods, our maillady is stranded and can't even get to Helidon to get the mail too do her run....Never mind take the time for some r&r
    Hugs to you all

  8. Oh Carol what a terrible shock for you and your family. You must have been beside yourselves with worry. Thank goodness Lilli has been diagnosed and is recovering well.

    We have friends who live in Bellbowrie and have been really worried about them. Thankfully, their street hasn't been too affected by the floods and they are OK. Such a worrying time. My thoughts are with all those made homeless and missing.


  9. A big hug to you Carole..so pleased to hear your sweet Lilli is ok xo
    Our Grand children are so precious :0)

  10. Hi Carole, just read your post whilst catching up. What strong stuff you are made of, we have to count our blessings everyday and our lives are the hands of that rhythm of life. I hope things are ok with you now and life is a little more settled for you. I will say special prayers for you my friend.
    Warm wishes and love
    Deb x

  11. Thank you all for such lovely comments,I will do an update soon,Lilli is almost back to normal,cheeky and eating so what more could we ask for.xxxxxx

  12. Thank god your grand daughter is so much better, glad you are also better, I am following your blog, Blessings jane

  13. I hope Lilli is starting to feel much better. Thank you for popping by my blog & visiting please stop in and visit again soon!!

  14. I missed ths post and I am so glad everything worked out well in the end, a scary time for you.