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Our Home our Haven

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Versatile Blogger

What have you doe to me Callie! lol from Mu Mu and Squeeks Place...
Callie gave me a versatile blogger award and I need to state 7 things about myself that not many people know so here goes...I do aplogise that I have not put a pic or tag as I have no clue how to do it.

1) My biggest disappointment in life is that we had only 2 children,I would have loved to have had more but it was not meant to be,my health and Bobs determination made the doctors wishes of no more children a reality,I still get clucky everytime I see  a baby.
2)As a youngster I always wrote poetry and short stories,in my 2nd year at high school my book was taken from me for not listening in class,it took me 20 years to write another poem,I have quite a collection now but never show them.
3)I suffer from homesickness for England.I have been twice and fell in love with everything that I , experienced ,I find a desperation in my soul at times to go again,I am hoping in about 3 years time,it is like a flame that cannot be extinguished.
4) When I went away the England and left my family for many weeks each time, I gave them all a letter "things about me"that they never knew and each person cherished it,Bob still has his next to his bed,a reminder that we never really know one another,he did not know of my love of Ladybugs,snowdrops,lavender and the smell of new born babies...he does now lol
5)I have always lived in older homes, the home on my main page is the first home I went to as a bride,I simply cannot imagine living in a new home,I love old china and furniture as well so guess it is a theme of my life.
6) Being on Bobs life journey has been very hard, his breakdown  lasted almost 10 years,it changed our whole family,I had to become stronger ,the money earner,the parent not just to the children but to him,I do not think I could do it again...but then...I guess I would because that's what you do,it is probably the hardest thing I have ever done and 20 years on it is still a day to day thing at times,we are still together  yet it is different,happiness is a feeling that does not come as often as it once did and a more serious feeling comes upon us,I pray each day for the strength to see this journey out,I do not want to be resentful but it creeps in at time,I hope this means I am human.
7) I love people, I miss my family with all my heart, so I fill my time trying to care for others,to share the word that we must look after our seniors and to show by example we have mum living with us full time,at 90 years of age she is amazing,why more people do not care for their parents astounds me..is it easy?...no...do you have time for you?...no...Do you and your partner have time together?...no..would you have it any other way?...no...I look at it this way, Mum fed me,dressed me,cared for me,wiped my tears when I fell,held me up when I was weak,gave me hugs when I was scared...now the role is reversed and it is me that does these things for her.She has been both mother and father to me since I was 10,how will I feel when she goes to a higher place.. I don't know but I do know there will be a huge void in our lives.

So there are a few from the heart facts about me,with the Grace of God I shall travel my lifes journey surrounded with love of my husband and my children and their spouses and their children and with God watching over me and my Faith I believe life will be good.


  1. Just lovely! thankyou for sharing Carole x

  2. What a very nice person you are Carole.

    I agree about England. We still have homes there (always old ones too), but my life now is here in France.

    True, it isn't easy looking after ailing parents. I returned to England for nearly 5 years to look after my parents before they died. At times I just felt like quitting; running away and never going back. But as you say, they did their best for us, so we do our best for them!

  3. what a lovely, honest and straight from the heart post, i knew you were an amazing woman Carole after getting to know you a little better for our button swap but hadn't quite realised how amazing. You remind me of someone I know here in England, both of you strong women with a faith that most can only dream of. Have a wonderful day Tracy

  4. Wonderful post Carole. But I did know some of those things about you!! Lol! I guess we are just too much alike.
    Thanks for visiting me the other day and the lovely gifts you gave us. God bless you. xx

  5. Lovely post Carole, I was only speaking to a lady today about caring for our elderly parents and the feeling of loss when, as you say they go to a higher place, my mum is 87 this year and apart from crippling arthritis she is wonderful, but I know only too well that we have limited time with her on this earth :o(
    Stay strong lovely lady you are a wonder.
    Hugs and more Hugs

  6. i felt very humble reading your post Carole and it touched my heart greatly,may your journey get better and happier as each day goes by.oxox