Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, July 9, 2011

                          Bye until next time Sweeties,Travel Safe you are much Loved.

The children have left and we are all quiet in our home again.there is nothing more  exquisite than the laughter of children,or seeing your child look happy,the sound of silence for me is not a good thing.

They have not long left for their journey, we are left with the normal pickings up, that's all done,they took home their stash of sausage rolls,home made soups ,sauces and jams etc all things that when they use them they will think of us.
Our son is suffering terribly from Kidney Stones so we started a natural treatment yesterday and I will call a herbalist tomorrow as the alternative is not very nice for him and the waiting list very long and he is in pain,he and his wife seemed very happy this visit,last time it was awkward as they were not getting along so well...when I wonder do we stop worrying about them..I think never lol.
Little Molly loved the children and had a wonderful time,she was entertained and now lays beside the fire exhausted but with a happy puppy smile on her face.
I took the children to the park for an hour before lunch to tire them out before their journey home,it was  exhausting but hysterical,pushing 3 on different swings at a time,catching them at the bottom of the slippery dip and the funniest thing of all was playing hide and seek their way.First of all we had to place your pointing finger out after a chant then one person counted to 21 and the finger that was 21 was the person in! Then that person counted to 44 while we all hid,at one point I hid over a small hill at the park,problem was I was side on end ended up rolling down the  embankment,I was a mess and could not stop laughing,what fun I felt I was 6 again ! When we left the park we called and saw a friends 9 puppies,the mum being molly's Mum and the children's puppy Clyde is Molly's brother so we had to go see the new batch.Once back home they were tired out and Bob had lunch ready a beautiful family meal was shared then it was time for a last coffee and time for them to leave.It was such a nice time,thanks kids, come back soon,and now I look forward to William coming to stay next week,he is always so much fun and since he has started tap dancing I feel a concert coming on.


  1. Our William (the youngest, Wills) comes to stay in about 10 days time. With any luck he'll be with us for several months, but he tends to get itchy feet. No children yet, but we keep our fingers crossed. We NEED a granddaughter!

    Sounds like you'll be having a well deserved rest.

  2. oh what a wonderful time you've all had. I call days like that with our Gr.Daughter 'Memory Building'...♥
    When do we stop worrying about our kids..never I hope. My son asked me that when his daughter was just a few days old, I said I didn't know, but when I did stop worrying about HIM I'd let him know. He's a great Dad.

  3. Yes building memories, my grands are all grown now, but have some super memories, hugs and thanks stopping by my blog too, Barbara

  4. What a great time you must have had with the kids, great memories. Looking forward to those days too ;0)