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Monday, July 18, 2011

                                                          Parting with an Old Friend

This is my dressing gown I had had it for so long I have forgotten how I came by it, the elbows are threadbare and it is so cosy it is chenille and I love it,if I have been away I can't wait for a bubble bath and get into "old faithful"

However not everyone feels the same,my mother nags me about wearing that "old thing",its not very sexy but I don't care.
After lots of pressure I went shopping and bought a new one.It is a soft fluffy thing lilac and white spot and looks so cosy,well it would if I had taken it out of the bag and not placed it up in the top of the cupboard!

More nagging and almost convinced to part with my lovely,I was saved by the bell...as I entered the op shop I saw a lovely chenille dressing gown on the rack...$5 never been worn...a big size so just makes it more comfy.I bought it before anyone else laid their eyes on her, bought her home washed her up and she is ready to wear,when I put the other one out.See it is almost the same colour, the collar a little different but just perfect.
So the lilac spot stays in the top of the cupboard,my old "friend" will be parted with this weekend.She will not be wasted I have a darling friend that loves to make pants out of chenille for her little girl,the back is in good condition and the fronts so I will give her to Melissa to cut up and she will live on.
Am I the only person so attached to a piece of clothing?...I do so hope not!


  1. Being of a thrifty nature, I throw nothing out until it's filled with holes, falling apart, and already fed several thousand moths. Want not, waste not!

  2. I know the feeling! I love to curl up in my 25 year old fluffy blue housecoat!

  3. Hello there
    Sounds like you got a good bargain.
    I can really relate to this post as I have two old cardigans I love dearly and bring out each winter - coincidently I even wrote a post about them recently
    Take care

  4. Oh Carole you are a girl after my own heart. I have loads of clothes and shoes that I've had for years. I had a pair of wooly gloves for dog walking that were a mass of holes towards the end...I suspect someone binned them...
    My trainers have just hit the recycling bag after 5 years and they were my sons cast-offs!

  5. I have a big red worn out chenille dressing gown that I bought at an op shop many years ago.I just part with my 'ol faithful either :0)

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  7. Carol you do realise that you are one of the luckier opp shopper ladies, I have always been on the look out for a chenille button front dressing gown, most have the tie waist...makes the butt look soooo much bigger don't you think ?? lol seriously there is nothing more cozy than a chenille dressing gown with button front, lucky you enjoy your good fortune.

  8. That was a lucky find Carole. I was given a white chenille dressing gown, but I like your pink one.

    Glad that someone can make good use of the old one, chenille clothing looks great.


  9. Thankyou Carole, Jessie needs some new chenille pants as she is growing so fast that the other ones she has are getting too short. I had made a pair out of my nan's pink chenille gown but they have now been put away as they are too small. Glad you found another. I love my pale pink chenille gown you gave me. They are sooo comfy!
    Melissa xx

  10. When I eventually get round to buying something new - it becomes my 'best'.
    When it loses it 'gloss', it is worn for things like shopping. Later as it becomes shabby, it is relegated to 'around the house'.
    Finally, after maybe 10 years it is downgraded to 'gardening' or 'workshop' grade.
    As Cro says, don't throw anything away until it falls apart. Mind you, it can then make good lining for the cat basket or it goes in my 'rag-bag' for window cleaning cloths!
    Waste not - want not.

  11. I have been in my comfy dressing gown more than usual this summer (or is it) and as for the car, not very strong.... love it....
    Take care, keep safe and warm, be happy
    Beverley x

  12. great find Carole