Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Friday, July 29, 2011

                                    Another Step Towards Retirement.

Today we travelled to pick up the caravan that we have purchased,getting ourselves ready for retirement.
It is not for 3 years but we want to get it all fitted out ready.

Although it is second hand it has been looked after beautifully.Mum had a sit in it and Miss Molly.

So  here is a peek at our home away from home of the future,it may be a long time before we test her out as we are back to being like young people, we need a babysitter for Mum,but we will eventually enjoy her.

 Bob did not even feel it on the back of the car, smooth as a babies bottom lol.

 They people that owned it really did look after it,the cushions and everything came with it,all new.
The stove has never been used,it has a microwave and reverse cycle air con which comes up through the floor.The seats are lovely to sit on and Molly liked it very much.

We are looking forward to our first sleepover, it may have to be up in the backyard but at least thats better than nothing lol.

and NO!!!!!!! we are not going to swing a sign on the door saying:

"IF the vans a rockin'
Don't bother knocking"


  1. hahahahahah thats funny,and your van looks fantastic Carole,good buy.

  2. How very interesting. Here in England, the beds are either seating, which is pulled out when you need it, or a "fixed bed" like yours, but in it's own room.
    I was most intrigued to see your caravan interior is "open plan".
    It certainly looks very smart and cared for.
    Out of curiosity, how wide is the bed Carole? they always seem to be quite narrow in the English vans.
    Good to know you're never too old for a second "honeymoon" :-D

  3. Lol Kath ..the bed is a double one,most have single beds over here and you can get ones with the room a little more private,Bob would not hear of single beds he is ever the optomist lol we also looked for ages to get one with more than 2 single seats as this way we can ask someone in for a cuppa.

  4. I can see lots of fun days ahead. Just the thing for exploring the whole perimeter of OZ; I wonder how long that would take?

  5. It looks really nice and comfortable.
    I hope you have loads of lovely holidays in it. I am also looking to get a caravan. A one berth just for overnight stays rather than touring and I only have a small car so that rules out anything larger.
    It has a fridge for the beer, so I should be OK. :)

  6. Very nice Carole, and very similar to ours. Hope you have lots of fun with it like we intend to. My hubby wanted double bed too (as they do), the singles seem more roomy though.

    Our stove hasn't been used either, other than us to boil a kettle. The couple that had ours, used to cook outside under the annexe, we hope to do the same...Does yours come with an annexe?


  7. Carole, you will have a great time in that, looks fantastic.

  8. What fun you will have in your touring home. It looks so well furnished.

  9. Your caravan looks brilliant. Have loads of fun on your hols xx

  10. Hi Tania,yes it came with a full annex and the fellow also made a green shade cloth one as well,Bob is thinking of putting a solar panel on top to keep the fridge going all the time,all depends on the cost of course.

  11. Cro, it would take a lifetime to see all there is to see properly it is such a large place, thankfully over the years we have already done the eastern coast and been to the top end ,we have not been to Perth or to the red centre so I guess that will be a long time away,but we have to get away first lol nothing like being prepared!

  12. What great fun you will have and lots of holidays coming your way:0)

  13. Carol,

    Looks like you will have fun in your new caravan once you retire.
    Thank you for the parcel with all the goodies in it, I love everything,
    you are so kind a generous. (have you received your parcel yet?)

  14. Hey, this is a luxury caravan...ours doesn't look quite like that....the bed stays up all the time? Our double bed is our main seating/eating area...has to be made up every night...oh it's back breaking....I wish you happy roaming...we travelled all over Europe and educated our children in geography at the same time. I really laughed at the quote. Have a wonderful time sorting out where everything goes!!