Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Thursday, July 28, 2011


                                                                A New Height to Aim for.

Quite a while ago now our little group of 5 and the wonderful girls at Treasures( the volunteers at our little op shop) built a little park on our top side of town(meaning over the hill not the best lol as in snobby).

The park is used so much and the kids have a great time, we have seats there for Mum and Dad but now we want something for Mum and Dad to do.
The latest thing in big towns is Adult Exercise Equipment and we have applied for a grant for help to get some for our parents.

We have applied for $10,000 and asked council to put it in for us, we are praying that it all happens,we have worked so hard to get things rolling and we do have funds we can use too so that maybe we can get extra pieces and the local footballers may use it to help with training,and the other local sports teams as well.
So keep your fingers crossed that maybe one day in the future I will blog that we have it.

Community work is so important and no one wants to be in the committees any more.Bob and I joined about 11 years ago and were just sitting in the back row for a long time, as people stopped coming for various reasons we found ourselves 5 years ago as Bob Mr President, me Secretary and Val as Treasurer and 2 darling ladies come along to the meetings.We have tried every year to step down but no young ones want to take over,it is so sad as everything needs new minds and energy,so we soldier on doing the best for our little town.So you look around where you live and if there are things being done..or not..maybe a small group is desperate for you to join in and lighten the load..go on have a go!


  1. good luck Carole with the grant it looks great,well done

  2. It is often said that if you want something done, find someone who's always busy; they always find time. Your problem is that you're probably the busiest people around!!

    Does that make sense?