Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Sunday today and beautiful weather but we decided to stay at home and catch up on jobs on the waiting list.First for Bob was to put a skylight in the kitchen over the work bench, it has been in 14 years since we put the kitchen in and who ever is cooking has to work in their shadow so today was the day Bob said "I see the light!" lol and he did a great job Bob thank you so much,more power saved.

First he had to cut a hole on the inside,then up on the roof and cut there as we have a tin roof,then back inside to fit the hole cover and plastic window.(as you can see these are his paint shorts lol,the paint on the shorts should have been on the ceiling!)

Then ta dahhh it is brighter than the actual lights,we are so thrilled but now you can see the painter(Bob the odd job man lol we can't even blame anyone else!) did a shocker of a job on the ceiling about 6 years ago,so now when we repaint after Christmas we will have to be more careful lol.

Next was for me to make young Master William a blanket for Pre School which he will go to for 1 year before starting big school.He needed a blankie for their afternoon rest time.

These are the same type as I have made all the other 5 grandchildren when they started pre school,I do polar fleece on one side and on the other a good cotton,they use the  polar fleece against their skin in the winter and the cotton side in the summer.I have made these right from when all the children are tiny starting from half this size ,they have always called them their beach blankie and they take them in the car and wrap up in them on the way home, you know sometimes you are a little burnt and shivery they love to put the fluffy side against them and used to fall asleep on the way home.Then I gradually get them a bit bigger and this is the last one I make them it lasts them for ages.(The ladies at Spotlight tell me you cannot put these fabrics together but SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!don't tell them.... I have been doing it for 11 years and it works great!)

I had enough fleece left to make a little carry bag, this will hold Williams sheet, pillow and blanket when he goes to pre school,I will change the ties before I give it to him as they are too short  making the opening not big enough  really so I will get some cord when I go to town,he loves Buzz so I think he will be happy.The Buzz fabric was so expensive in the normal fabric section,I wandered over to the curtain section and it was half the price and twice the width, I have found this many times on different ocasions so I check it all out now.


Next was to finish some needlecases that I got the idea from on the blog,I love these and would love to keep them all but they were made with love and made to give someone pleasure.These are from the old doilies etc that had too many holes in some places to save,and some were made from napkins,I have several more to do but these are the first finished ones.I am not doing these to sell just for gifts so I do thank the land of blog for lovely ideas that we can all share,mine are not perfect but I am happy with the outcome,so thank you girls for all sharing your ideas.

These are so simple and when they are finished you can't help looking at them and admiring the embroidery the ladies did way back in time,so neat and tidy,they feel so lovely as there is nothing like aged linnen.

We also planted some lovely bits and pieces in the garden as Mums birthday approaches we are trying to get the garden looking lovely for her, it is coming together and looking nice and neat, all the turf has now taken and looks so lush.I have cooked myself crazy and have only the slices to go now, I have vegetarian and meat dishes done and frozen,100 sausage rolls,100 cabonosi swirls,cheesecakes and heaven knows what else,just slices to go.All my Christmas shopping is done and just to be wrapped as there is only me to do the party and I have to be organised as I work full time.Yes I am tired but it is a love job and they are always a pleasure.I have my newspaper article ready for our community paper,the Hampers for the Homeless are going wonderfully and I have so many beautiful blankets for the winter packed away ready for the homeless,this little town is so generous.We also always have a poor collection of toys and food and that is going fantastic,so many poor will get a wonderful hamper ,we do this every year at Christmas but the homeless ones will be going all year,after all they don't just get hungry at Christmas.Bob and I will be out selling raffle tickets in the next couple of weeks to try to keep our little community Info centre open.It is not just me and Bob alone,there are 2 others that share these jobs and we all work full time so it is hectic but O'h so worth it!
The way I see it is, we have food each day, we have a lovely comfy bed, we have a roof over our heads and hot running water and a flushing loo all at our fingertips. God made each day 24 hours, so if I can give about 1 hour a day for the good of my fellow man I think my Heavenly Father will be well pleased.Sometimes I drag my feet to do my little bit but I walk on air coming home,my grandmother never rested,her blood flows through my veins be it a curse or an honour, I prefer to think it an honour,this is of course how I got myself sick, I have taken things much more slowly now,I used to run everywhere but these days by 2pm I am bone tired but I will get better.My Nanna always said she would be lying down for long enough when she was placed in her box,she managed to stay upright till she was 85 and now is in the wonderous slumber,so I think I will just  do as she did.

Have a lovely Sunday and Sunday evening with those you love and who love you,praise God for your health and for what he provides for you.Be kind to someone each and every day and try to remember to be kind to yourself,that is the hardest thing to do.
May His heavenly light shine upon your wonderful faces and may you feel blessed and special.



  1. You put me to shame with all the good works you do. Well done!

    And well done to old spotty trunks too. What a great idea; just make a hole in the roof and let the light in.

    Sunday's just starting here (9am), and Lady Magnon is on the phone to OZ. Strange world.

  2. Those ceiling lighters are wonderful, I've read about them and seen them on TV.
    What an incredibly busy life you lead.

  3. Carole - well done to Bob - the light looks great! And the blankie you've made for young William, he will be so proud of it. You're energy amazes me and all those wonderful projects you do. I think I am fast becoming a lazy trog I haven't even thought about Christmas yet!

  4. Dearest Carole,
    The skylight looks wonderful, also the blanket for William. He will be pleased. You are so clever to have all your Christmas shopping done!
    Take care of yourself.
    Love Melissa

  5. I'm not sure what kind of light this is and you will know. If it is called a "can light." They can get to hot and cause a fire. Just mentioning because my good friend had a fire in her home because of a can light in a closet.

    You are blessed to have so much done in your home and the extra light is wonderful.

  6. Hi everyone, the light is actually not a light but called a sky light,you actually cut a hole in the roof and it can go into tiles or tin whatever, and it is covered with a clear unbreakable piece on the roof and sealed off so there is no leakage,there is a concertina type tube that runs from that to your ceiling,you cut a piece in the ceiling which is then sealed ny a nice lookinf circular frame on this one, so it is actually daylight shining through,it is absolutely unbelievable the amount of light it lets in,My old mum asked where the switch was and Bob told her behind the clouds lol we did not have to turn the litchen light on till after 7pm last night and we usually have to have a light on all the time..so no danger Rita,we will save a lot of power this way too.

  7. I just love the needle cases. I have a dear sweet friend who does the most beautiful counted cross stitching - something like this would be a fabulous gift for her. Thank you for sharing the idea.


  8. The blankie and bag is great, lucky little fellow all ready for pre-school. Needlecases such a good idea (thankyou) and I love that overhead light; could do with something like that here, and we have the hole all ready from when the ceiling partially fell in!

  9. Hello Carole,

    What an interesting post. I enjoyed your pictures, too. Bob is OK in his paint clothes :). I spied some pretty pottery and stuff, nice window light. I need one too!

    I love the way you wrap up your blogs with thankfullness and prayers, whether it be the Thanksgiving Season or not! God bless you and yours.


  10. I'm having a sky dome installed after the New Year and it's good to know you're happy with it and that it was successful. I see you have a sunroom like we have. Our's has made the kitchen very dark so I'm looking forward to getting that extra light in there. Maa