Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

                                                      Update on Miss Molly   

Just thought you might like to know Miss Molly has settled in beautifully.She helps herself to one of Bobs work socks each afternnon to place in her little bed,along with her fluffy toys.     
She goes outside for her toilet no problems just runs up and lets us know.She was absolutely not impressed on her vet visit.After being weighed a huge 800 grams lol at 6 weeks.Then a thermometor up her bottom, a needle for the usual protection, then Frontline  flea and tick  protection put on her neck genlty , the absolute shock af a big needle that placed a micro chip in her on her back,she gave a cry and we felt terrible,Bob held her while they did this, in our country it is the law we have to have this done.Poor little sweetie, the vet offered her a reward but she told her where to put it with just one glance lol.I think when we go back for her follow up needles Molly will not be so eager to greet the vet.  

However after we got home and she had some puppy milk and some yummy dinner she was exhausted and promptly fell asleep,she slept for ages so much so that we were like kids waiting for Christmas so we could give her lots of cuddles.When she woke she was bright and cheerful and we made a huge fuss of her.

We think our next visit  to the vet will be very interesting indeed!She is already proving to be a wonderful little companion for Mum and she just seems to know to be careful around Mums feet,Bob on the other hand gets ambushed at every turn, it is so lovely to see him enjoying Molly as we thought he would be our worry.
I seem to be the toilet lady and food supplier lol I am happy with that roll just as long as I get my cuddles at the end of the day and because I am up I get the lovely greeting of Molly almost turning herself inide out when she sees me.


  1. What a gorgeous little girl...

    I bet she will remember the smell at the vets every time you take her now.

  2. ha ha "toilet lady" that's me too :D
    She is settling in so well, I did smile about Bob, my DH was a "cat person" but he adores those dogs now.

  3. I don't think any pup or dog like the vet as they are usually doing things to them they don't like:0) She is one cutie!

  4. Aw bless her little cotton socks! Colonoscopies are just not nice !! She looks very comfortable and at home with you all, Carole