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Sunday, November 14, 2010

 Inspiration for Christmas

After reading Deb from Simply Me asking if anyone has started their Christmas shopping I decided to share my start of Christmas sewing with you,these took me longer than I expected as the old health stops me some days..but at last I have finished this lot.

Recently my sweet friend Bronwyn from my Cackle Club gave me this surprise gift of a Pillow Bag to take my pillow in if I go away overnight,I loved it so much it gave me an idea that my grandchildren would love one for when they go on sleepovers.
I must say her work is so beautiful that my own interpritation is very simple by comparrison.

For my grand daughters Lilli and Olivia I have added suffolk puffs and Bric Brac braids and buttons and reversed the fabrics,the girls are cousins and I always have to be aware that they love the same things although one favours purple and one pink so I just reversed the fabrics.

For the 4 boys the 2 older ones similar fabrics reversed and the younger 2 boys the same.When they are all in the same place at the same time at Christmas I have to make sure they all look alike as it would be shameful if one had an extra button lol( just joking..well not really)
In actual fact when you have 6 to make it was much more affordable  for me to get the fabrics to mix and match and the way they are the brothers of each family have different to each other.

Next thing is to make  some little gifts for friends it is always exciting to make special things and at this stage I am still working out what! better get a move on I think.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend,it was hot ,hot .hot. here.
Thank you God for the patience,perserverence and yes even the finger pricks while making these ,thank you for allowing me the joy of making these chidren something and they better like them or else!each one contains a new pillow as well.


  1. Oh Wonderful idea!!!! These are amazing!

  2. Are these Pillow Bags standard kit? I've never come across them before; but then, I'm not invited to many sleepovers any more!!

  3. Hi Cro not really standart kit but they are fabulous they can put their jammas in there also,us quilters etc always on the lookout for something different to make,I did not think I would use mine but have taken it all over the place as I really like my own pillow lol

  4. What a great idea! Your work is beautiful :)
    Heather x

  5. The pillow bags are just beautiful! I love that idea :0)
    We will be having a 'handmade 'Christmas this year..My two Grandsons will be getting some toys and fun things,but everyone else will be getting a gift from the heart.
    Id better get a move on making afew things ,lol..Christmas is coming fast :0)

  6. These are beautiful! They will be very gratefully recieved I'm sure.

  7. They are beautiful and great idea:0)
    I have never seen them before.

  8. Lovely gifts Carole, I am just getting back into reading blogs since I have been away. I didn't know about Molly. How Cute! Can't wait to see her.
    Love Melissa

  9. Just gorgeous!

    Honey please come grab the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD that I am awarding Serendipity Raindrops and Roses :]