Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well what can we say! Mum turns 90 in a few weeks and a male friend came aknocking on Saturday with an early present.I knew it was hard to know what to get a 90 year old but a puppy! lol

Anyway she has made herself at home she is a Shitzu, Maltese cross,adorable of course.
We have not had a dog for many years as we were so hearbroken when we lost our Boxer Sasha to breast cancer,we could not face getting attached again.Molly has in less than 24 hours turned us all into oooh and ahhh besotted adults lol.
We did forget about the crying all night etc,and we did take her to work today but it will be too hot for her and too long a day in the car and she will never learn to stay alone if we do that all the time.
So tomorrow it is needles and  micro-chipped so guess it will be me that takes her.

Molly was the runt of the litter and is very tiny,but in no way is she shy.She has done what we thought was the impossible and in no time at all placed herself on the chair with Bob.Who as you may know does not like pets of the four legged variety too much so I have longed for a puppy or a ginger cat for so long.This is Mums puppy but as she is so old  have to do all the bits lol so it is a claytons pet.A friend called last night and told me I almost have a ginger cat as Molly has caramel ears lol

So Molly and Bob watched the news together and I guess life will not be the same until she is settled,housebroken and learns her manners. I have to say she has impressed us at just 6 weeks when we take her outside she does her toilet and turns back to the door as if to say "well come on,I'm done what are you waitng for"very bossy little lady.
Hopefully Mum will not trip on her too many times as we have to be so careful,another reason we have not had a four legged pet,but what can you say when someone turns up with such a cutie,well maybe give her back if she keeps howling like she is right now lol.
Have a lovely day everyone.


  1. What a cutie! She is going to be everyones pet not just Mum's.

  2. Gorgeous, ...absolutely.
    you will have to start making a noise when you are up and moving around, like a shh shh shh noise, so she knows to move out of the way, could your mum do that..?

  3. So...So...cute and She will be spoilt rotten in no time:-)

  4. I knew it would happen in time!! Love the ears... caramel eh?

  5. Awww I had the same breed with the VERY same name when I was married to Brentons dad. Ours was a real gentle sweetheart. Your Molly looks super cute and ever so sweet!!



  6. Awwwww, Molly is the sweetest! Makes me want one. Wishing Mum a happy birthday. Gerry

  7. Molly - my namesake - I'd give my right arm to look as cute as she does, Carole, (including having caramel ears :0) ) Lovely for your mum and all of you. My other half isn't (wasn't) particularly an animal lover until we had our cats. He's a big soft pudding now and I don't get a look in!

  8. She is really gorgeous and seems to be making herself right at home.
    Ann x