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Our Home our Haven

Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Birthdays..non stop now till December 12th

October 29th is a birthday shared by our wonderful now 12 years old grandson Alexander and our Daughter in law Kirsty.
We could not be with Alex this year but for his 13th next year I am promising myself to be there with him in newcastle.

Alex is here with olivia and William blowing me a kiss via the phone.
I am so proud of Alex he is a lovely young man, beautiful manners and so loving to Pa Pa and I and Great Nanna,we just love him,we were there for the birth of these three grandchildren belonging to our daughter and I can still remember every detail of his arrival, his Gran and I were given the honour of bathing him straight after his birth,I thought I had died and gone to heaven,the only down side was the hard time our kate had but she did a great job to go back another 2 times lol!.
Our Daughter in Law Kirsty turned 35 and our son will be 37 on the 2nd November.All they wanted for thier birthdays was for us to babysit and for them to borrow Bobs and My motorbike to go for a ride with Kirsty's sisiter and husband.We jumped at the chance to have the children and they had a wonderful day riding to a small town about 2 hours away and having a lovely lunch.
So Happy Bithday to the three of you.Michael we are so proud to be your parents, your road has not been easy but you are a wonderful son,husband and daddy what more could anyone want,to see the light in your eyes after your bike ride was prize enough.We just feel so privelegdeg to have two lovely children.Praise God.

Michael and Kirsty on our bike going for a day out for  their birthdays.

While Mum and Dad were out for the day we had a wonderful time with the children.We headed for the bush with the trailer on to get a load of firewood for next year,then when the work was done it was time for fun.Poppy made little wooden boats for the children to have boat races, we packed a picnic lunch and we headed for the bush.

Nanny, Lilli,Eden and Elijah ready to picnic and boats ready for racing.
The place we chose was a water crossing deep into farmland,it was the most beautiful prisitne place,the water so clear and the running water so refreshing.

The boats were placed in upstream and then the fun was on,Poppy was the retriever of course when the boats got snagged!
Pop waiting to see who the winner is and Elijah won now it was between Lilli and Eden,Eden came in second but as the others put their boats in half the way down the stream Poppy declared Eden the winner on handicap!

It was a beautiful day and we headed home at 2pm to check on great nan then I took the children to the town pool,they were exhausted when we got home but had the most wonderful day.Needless to say it was early to bed,I like to think that we got the best end of the deal even though Mum and Dad had a wonderful day together.
Next birthdays will be Elijah on 6th November a big number 5,then Lilli on the 16th November a big 10.Then Great Nana will be 90 on December 12 but we are having a pink party for her on 11the December,she loves pink another Barbara Cartland!
So happy birthday everyone,problem is when these are all over then I have to think about Christmas! I am however working on both at the same time and sewing madly to make gifts for the children, I will show you them when they are finished.
This is probably a boring post but it is here for me more than anything,to diary it and remember it and then most importantly be thank ful for the little pleasures in life.Thankyou Lord for a full and loving life.


  1. Wow Carole. You're going to be busy with all those B'day cakes! I've never had a bike; I couldn't manage the gears. Yours looks like a serious babe!

    I'm like your husband; just show me a stream and a game or two of Pooh-sticks is obligatory!

  2. Looked like a fun day and all those birthdays between now and Christmas will keep you busy :-)

  3. The little pleasures in life are the real blessings!
    Happy birthday to all those you love:))

    Wonderful photos to capture the memories too!

  4. Carole, it is clear from the love and pride in your writing, that your family is the greatest blessing and pleasure in your life. I wish you, with all my heart, a long and healthy life to enjoy them all for many more years to come.

  5. Gosh, Carole all those birthdays coming at once!
    What a wonderful family you've got! I can't think of anything better than going for a bike ride on your birthday. Maybe racing wooden boats - well done Elijah and Eden!! (and Lilli as well)

  6. Not a boring post at all ! I loved reading all about your family adventures :0)

  7. What a blessing to love your family so much and be loved by them in return.