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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Ta dah...My twice crochet rug!

I never thought I would finish this crochet blanket/rug.I only started it a few weeks ago when a lovely 82 year old came to cackle club and showed us how to do raised flowers. Not being a crocheter?I gave it a shot and the task was to make nine squares and make it into a cushion.I did not think I would use a cushion so decided to join mine together for the centre and continue to make a rug.

Last week I had 3 rows to go when a friend was admiring my work as she new I am just a learner,she then noticed I had turned my work around after about 12 rows and it was inside out!!
It  was so obvious as it was almost like looking at a jumper half the back knitted right and then doing a purl row where a plain should be does that make sense?My position was to either hope no one else noticed and finish or pull it undone.

I decided to undo it, as I would always know it was wrong.Today I completed my rug and I am so happy it is over,hence caling it the twice crochet rug.
I decided to get smart and crochet some little flat flowers for the border,still not sure if I like them but they are there to stay.
I would like to say to all those people who relish their crochet that I am now hooked so to speak and will do more,it was a lovely relaxing craft to learn,I still have a long way to go but so happy that I got to make this,I am in awe of some of the things all you girls make and hopefully some day I will be able to make lovely things without having to unpull it.

What a beautiful time of year our garden is a picture at the moment, birds chirping,the chooks are happy and it is almost 7pm and bright as bright,the sun is still beaming through our front door. I am not always a fan of daylight savings but I do like it very much on the weekends.So roll on summer I have finished with the wool now for a season or 2 and out comes the embroidery threads.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. Ooohhh lovely! thats my next task to master the flowers, Im going away next week with a basket of wool and a pattern book :)
    Heather x

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh tis to die for I adore it~!

    I have just added a cool little gadget to the bottom end of my blog where we can all share and have a little more interaction. Feel free to join in each day, the more the merrier isn't that what they say~!


  3. Did you say flowers or cauliflowers?

    My mother used to do these rugs (no flowers), and I still have one or two. Lady M quit smoking by the 'crochet' method. Every time she felt a craving, she'd crochet a hat. We now have a box-full of every imaginable colour!!

    You too, Carole, have a great weekend. Cro.

  4. Oh well done Carole, you have done a fantastic job with your rug!

    I do crochet, only basic though, and I certainly haven't tried my hand at flowers. My grandma taught me to crochet.

    Have a great Sunday,


  5. Oh thats beautiful I love the colours they work really well together... and I have been crocheting for a year and I am pleased to see your square is a little twisted too... mine is doing that and I thought I had done something wrong! lol it looks wonderful... you have inspired me to carry on and finish it.. !

    x Alex

  6. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Carole, I'm slowly getting back to my old self.

    Beautiful blanket/rug - its versatility will prove really useful!


  7. Carole - well done, it's really lovely. I think you were right in undoing it the first time - the extra effort was obviously worth it. I'm so glad you're feeling better. Love Molly x

  8. Thanks everyone for your great comments,they do look like cauliflowers Cro lol but I felt like a contorshinst?doing them as you have to come in from the back to make them curly but it was fun.It wll be interesting where it ends up lol anyway to whole point for me was not to give up and when I had to pull it all undone it was make or break and I always have to finish what I start so job done lol.
    Once again thankyou all so much for your encouragemnt.

  9. Oh lovely Carole and you have done a brilliant job with your blanket and yes someone would have noticed if you hadn't undone it,lol.

  10. Dearest Carole,
    You are so clever! I love, love, love it.
    Come to think of it I think it would look better on my bed!! LOL.
    Wishing I could drop in for a cuppa as Jess and I miss have a good old chin wag!
    Love Melissa

  11. WOW!!! what a lot of hard work but what a lovely blanket - knitting and crocheting are not my thing but hats of to those who do such wonderful work.
    Happy Sunday
    Beverley xx

  12. Oh what Wonderful Work!!!!
    I love it- it's beautiful...what a treasure!!!

  13. Wow,that is just gorgeous! And you are just learning !! Amazing :0)