Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Friday, November 7, 2014

                              Just a few things we have had going on around  homethe garden.....

 Bob bought an old wood burning stove and is making an area on the back patio for it, we now do all our Jams,Pickles and roasts in it and bread..it is his most favourite thing.
 Roses from our garden, they were really wonderful this year,now that Mum is not so able to walk around and look at them we make sure she always has some nearby to admire and smell.
 Awful winds this week dislodged a Pee Wee nest from our large Gum tree,we rescued these babies and placed them in a hanging pot for Mum to find and she did.
 The King Parrots come daily for a bath and drink from many bird baths we have around the yard,this one loves the ladies head.
Georgie enjoying a shower of rain on Bob shoulder,he just loves it in the rain and of course Bob has many scratches on his shouldrers.


  1. Your roses are so lovely. Winter here means tat only one or two blooms are left in the garden.

  2. Love the stove..... and I note that you have the exact same chicken house as me. What good taste you have!!!

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