Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lets start with our home.
Serendipity Our Little Home..

This is our home that was built in around 1900.We have lived here now for 20 years and the little box that we bought has been transformed into a sweet cottage.After lots of hard work we are almost finished, just 4 inside rooms to paint now and then we are done!! When we bought her there was no verandah,it was all closed in to make 2 extra sleepouts,now we have a wonderful verandah to sit and ponder on in the summer evenings,as we work early in the mornings unfortunately we don't get to "do mornings" on it,but one of these days we will.We named her Serendipity because I collect old things of interest and love to make them fit into our home.She is full of little surprises to look at and enjoy,I am not a horder but a collector and love all things old and pre loved,so when anyone visits they enjoy looking around to see what Treasures they can spot. We share our home with my Mum Joyce, she is 89 and responsible for us planting roses all through the garden and we put a little sunroom on the back of the house for her, from here she can see the chickens, the gardens, the hanging plants and the fishpond with its waterfall and she spends ages out there,after being to work with me each day.What a blessing for me to be able to take her on my rural mail run with me, she loves it.Then when we come home she sits and reads out in her room,she calls it her Mezanine Room lol (very posh)but she just loves it.
We also share our home with George.Now that is a whole story in itself, George goes to work every day with Bob,Bob is the local postie and George delivers the mail with him every day bar wet days.The townspeople love George and he rides on the bike and talks to the people when they come out to get their mail, Bob is an old fashioned postie,he blows a whistle,so he is an icon you might say.They are inseperable and I long ago learned where I stand in the pecking order lol.
I need to say the first posting mentioned the Quilt day and it was a huge success and i will talk more about all that at a later day ,I realised I needed to have a starting point for a blog so i have regresses, done a prequil if you like. So enough for now and will post some pics of George and our beautiful countryside next time.Blessings for a wonderful day. Carole


  1. I thought I would drop by and say hello.

    Interesting to read about the quilts - very many years ago when I was engaged and my fiancee lived a long way off we made one. During the week when on our own we made the patches and when we met would spend time joining them together. By the time we were married we had a wonderful keepsake. Sadly the marriage faded quicker than the quilt but as we are still good friends I see it from time to time. I find it hard to imagine that I could sew so well!

    Shall look forward to more of your posts. Good luck!


  2. Oh Look at your gorgoeus,Character filled home! Wonderful!