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Our Home our Haven

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beary Interesting

I was looking at the all the lovely people that follow my blog and saw a new member Bumble Vee, I decided to go visit  her blog and saw that she loves making bears,has a motor bike etc,how wonderful we also have a bike and although we have not been able to go on  it much since mum came to live with us it awaits us in the shed.
What reading her blog did for me was to remind me of how much I loved making bears,my favourite ones are the small ones and I just loved using mohair.There are many bears around our home but my little ones reside in the draws of our old singer sewing machine where they just hang about being beary good.
The wonderful thing about making bears is to see thier own little personality develop as you place their nose and eyes and mouth on, until then they pretty much all look alike.

Two of my favourites are Rosey bear and Little Bob.

 Meet Rosey,I made Rosey especially as a friend for Little Bob,she is a very good little bear,pretty with her rosebud near her ear.I thought Little Bob was lonely so  that is how she came about.They just hang about in the drawers being beary good,having beary interesting chats.

Meet Little Bob,now his story is so beary interesting,he has travelled far and wide and has so many tales to tell. I made Little Bob for my husband Bob when we got our motorbike, Little Bob always came on the bike with us in Bob's vest pocket.He is a beary nice little bear,I was going on a trip 5 years ago and thought I would miss hubby very much so we decided that I should take little Bob with me then I would not miss Bob so much.
What an adventure,Little Bob has been to England,Ireland,Scotland,he has been to 19 countries in Europe including going to Paris, to Amsterdam,Vienna,Venice on and on. He has had a go of driving a tour coach was seen ,having a guiness in a pub ,he has had an amazing life.I originally took all the pics of him in all the wonderful places to write a book for the grandchildren, sadly I did not get around to it,maybe I still should do it.
When I went back to the UK, 2 years ago with Eva I had planned to take Little Bob and Rosie,I thought the could have a beary romatic honeymoon but alas in the rush a bustle I forgot them,and they stayed home with Bob.
It is so nice to read other peoples blogs and see their interests,it brings back memories as to what you have done, brings insperation to what you would like to do and other times makes you just plain envious.So thank you Bumble Vee for reminding me of how much I loved making bears until I started to quilt so now I am inspired to make another one. So thank you beary much indeed.


  1. Ho Carol Little Bobs story is GORGEOUS & I LOVE that your Husband takes him in his jacket when you go riding....The picture I have in my head is making me grin like a LOON....THANK YOU for putting 'it' on my lips....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  2. Your bears are so cute...

    This is something that I like to do as well. That and making cloth dolls. I haven't made bears in a long while as I ran out of room to keep them! lol. I gave most of mine away to a dear friend that collects bears.


  3. Little Bob looks just like my childhood bear!

  4. Hi Carole, Ah, Little Bob has lived an exciting life! That story is so cute and so is he.
    I enjoy your posts. You are welcome to visit my blog sometimes. :) Gerry