Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

As I remember the Soldiers past with pain in my heart,my occupation and passion is of those still serving.

                                                      Beacause We Care.
We have a wonderful old fellow in our town 92 years old who still has the wrapping from his care packages in the 1st and 2nd wars.
This inspired me to send Care Packages to our troops.I am the founder of Aberdeen care packages.We are now in our second year ,last year 179 were sent, this year so far 90,all raised by our own people,donations of all kinds.Brayden is 10 years old and my helper,we get more excited everytime we get a batch of names and find that a young lad learning about our troops and helping community has now spread to the whole school waiting in anticipation for promised visits from soldiers on their safe return.My personal joy is so immence I find it hard to put in words, the feelings of joy and pride as every package I do it is as if it was for our son or daughter,a letter of praise,love and hope is placed in every box,giving thanks for the job they are doing.I tell them our town is praying for their safe return to their families.When we get a name that needs extra TLC, we shed a few tears as we put these boxes together.
I am so grateful to be able to do these care packages,every one not thrown together but placed lovingly and on every box are the words "Because We Care". and it is simply because we do.


  1. lest we forget and thankyou for the wonderful caring person that you are Carole.xx

  2. An emotional day. Keep up the wonderful ministry Carole.
    Lest we forget.


  3. I was just thinking I hadn't heard from you for a while and here you are. I love reading about the care packages, they go with a little piece of your heart.

  4. Hi Carole
    It truly is a beautiful thing to do & I expect it makes their day that people are thinking of them & hopefully give them that well needed boost that they may need

  5. Thank you, Carole, and thanks to Braydon, too. A wonderful thing for the men and women in service, and for Braydon.

  6. Hi Carole
    Thank you for your kindness. I just know that if we lived closer we would be good buddies & share tea & cake!. I always feel that everything you say is wise & from the heart. Thanks for reaching out as I know you have your fair share of lifes troubles/goings on too.
    I just do not deal with any worry well and tend to fret & worry. Anxiety is horrible. I know it is caused by not managing thinking well (wish we cam with a brain button on & off!). I hope you know wherever you are and whatever you are doing I am thinking of you my little blog friend x x

  7. Such a special special lady was put on the earth and given the name of Carole, God bless you special special lady. xoxoxox