Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

                           Scaling Down and Clearing Out( goods that is not me !)

I have been doing a lot of thinking about lightening up the clutter in our home.I have been collecting over 3o years and the time has come.I did not know where to start so I started in my little back shed.
Everything I am selling I no longer need,want or will miss,the money is going straight into the sealed pot,to be opened on 4th December.
First day of posting items from my shed at about 2pm it was hard I decided to sell on local Facebook pages,local Buy Swap and Sell sites,by 6pm I had over $700 in my hands! I could not believe it.
I have continued to post about 5 items per day and I have put way over $2,000 into my sealed pots.
I really have no idea on the exact amopunt and have only done my little shed and one cupboard so far,I will definately have our fares for the UK when we retire now.So far I cannot even remember some of the items I have sold there are so many .
I would advise anyone who has collectables that are just gathering dust or in a corner somewhere to bite the bullett,sell locally where there is no postage involved.I have met some lovely people that have come to collect their items,some I have known and we caught up on times past.No overheads,no advertisment costs,no commission,how much easier could it be!
So it is true one mans Trash is another mans Treasure,so join the clearing out brigade,place it in a pot or buy something you realy need and upcycle in the best possible way.
I have no interesting pics,Bob is driving me mad wanting to open the pots(we are up to number 3 for this year)and count the money,but for me the plesure will be counting it on the day.
Joining the Sealed Pot crew over at SFT is the best thing I ever did last year I had two pots containing $2,600,our first fare.
Have to get some more goodies out,it is fun now and I am feeling lighter everytime somthing goes out the door.



  1. Nothing like a good clear out. We've lived in 4 different homes since we were married and every time we move, we have a grand sort out. I am much better at it than my husband :-)
    I hope you will come to Glastonbury when you visit England!

  2. I am planning on it,my friend that passed away,well her daughter took her ashes back to Portsheathere and she visited your town and loved it and I am in love with it through your blog,I hope I live long enough to share a cuppa Kath lol xx

    1. I would be thrilled to welcome you to my home Carole xx

  3. I helped a friend close down her antique store. I listed on ebay for at least six months. Very soon people were watching for the new postings. We were very successful.

    You're doing a great job. Best wishes for many pots.

  4. Well done Carole! This is something I need to do. Clear out my clutter :/ There is not much in the house but we have a room outside that is chockablock with "stuff!"

    We have two sealed pots in progress this year, and they are coming along nicely :) We may have to use some of the money soon to travel to Alice Springs to my nephews wedding. Short notice and short of money lol.

    God Bless,


  5. Oh Carole, this is such good news but I am concerned that you are not sending me your updates (as promised). I hope everything is ok with you.

    My email is martin_julie935@btinternet.com

    Sft x

  6. Hi Carole
    Glad to hear you are doing so well. That's fantastic having a good sort out, especially making some money too along the way. I know it is so liberating . I guess I am quite extreme as far as belongings go!
    As we are moved i now the end room has a bed and will have 2 bedside cabinets! That's it Hope you are ok xxxxx

  7. You make me feel guilty Carole!!! I really need to declutter my home....it is seriously cluttered. You sound so motivated and on top of it all you are selling your unwanted items....well done. I can see you are going to be very near to your goal-the cost of your trip to the UK!

    Giveaway now open!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  8. Well You are giving me an incentive to maybe try something of this sort though I worry about not so nice folk trying to come by.