Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Mother in Law turns 90.

Joan and Charlie when I first met them in 1968.(Dad passed away at 84 years).

Happy 90th birthday to Bobs Mum, I call her Mum too,unlike many, I like my mother in law.I have not
 always felt liked or loved or whatever but for the last 30 years I have felt very much liked and loved.
We had a wonderful family gathering 8 hours away travel for us and our children, worth every moment.There were 44 people in all and thats just immediate family,Bobs side has definately been more productive than mine ! lol.
I do not have many pics as they used my camera to record the day,that memory card was then placed in a digital frame and Joan could watch them even as the day was ending, eventually I will get copies.
We had a Pinyta and pass the parcel as there were so many little children there but Great Nanna had to have first go!

Joan and our Michael,he was very brave to hold the pinyata lol what chaos when it finally burst ,lollies and goodies all over the hall!!!! kids scampering everywhere to fill their pockets.
In December my Mum will turn 90 but we will not have to travel for that one,we will have it either at our home or at our little church hall depends how many family say they can come.
Joan is still very active in her community going on bus trips each thursday and helping the elderly on and off !!! I am not sure when she will consider herself as aged .
This next pic is just a little print that is in our hallway.It takes people eye and they ask who are those children ?strangely enough my fathers family founded an old gold mining town way out in the dusty western part of Australia,he and his wife were both bad asthmatics and had a large brood of children,sadly many died and the children in this pic are reminders to me of the family babies,I have visited the graves.
This print is quite spooky  as when you pass by it faces appear in the trees etc.There is a soldier ,another  tiny baby and quite a few ladies in 1800 dress,they are very visible( I am not crazy) I have been told that black and white pics capture lost spirits,has anyone else ever heard of this?.I put this pic up as when I was reading Kimmies story the other day of her dream,and this pic came to me.The other strange thing is the number of children in this print is the number of children lost to this lovley man and woman,what a hard life they must have had,eventually they had to move on and went back to Sydney and made a life there.

I do hope you don't all think I am mad lol.
Have a lovely day and be blessed and smile at someone today,it might just be the only lovely thing that has happened for them today.


  1. I don't really understand why these children died. Did they inherit the asthma? Maybe it was due to the chemicals used in gold-mining. Very sad.

    You're very fortunate with your family gatherings. I had no such luck, I think the most I've ever seen together were at poorly attended funerals. This is the down side of dispersed families.

  2. Hi Cro,this was back in the 1800's there was nothing there,just red dust and in tents apparently in the family tree records it shows the all had respitory problems dying from birth and one child was 4 years..my children have been blessed not to have asthma but many of my cousins suffer dreadfully,and even one died at 33 she is of my generation.How lucky we are that medicine has come so far,this settlement is now a big mining town called Cobar,apparently the old fella named Papa Cornish lost all his goldmines in pocker games,he even has streets named after him, ahhhhhhhhhh we were almost rich lol.

  3. It sounds like a lovely family gathering.

  4. I love old family photo's. I don't have many of my family as they were all destroyed in the war and my heritage is Mennonite and they don't believe is having photo's taken ( Though shall not make a graven image). By my husbands side has many old templates sadly of many beautiful children that dies of TB. However i love this old photo's.

  5. Carole - I've been waiting for you new blog post - I've missed you. Wishing your darling Mum-in-law Joan a very happy belated bithday. Looks as if everybody had a great time. Also Happy birthday to your dear Mum as well. When you mentioned seeing 'faces' in the trees in old black and white photos, well we were given some of the family who lived here before us way back. And in one of them there is a face depicted in the trees. It looks like somebody out of the 18th century - we've both noticed it. Strange!

  6. Hi Molly, I have not been feeling so good so have not blogged much but been reading them ,So glad that others have seen these faces too isnt it so strange.
    Hi Sweet LOcus,it must feel unusual not having any photos,but it seems you will have photos of your family for your family to look back on.

  7. Carole, what a lovely family you are and so very loving. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time and one which will stay in everyones memories.

  8. It sounds like your family had a blessed birthday celebration. I pray your mum's birthday is as wonderful as your mum-in-law's was.

  9. hello my friend
    I am so happy to tell you that you have won my giveaway! Please email me your address so I can get it in the post to you asap!

    Deb x

  10. Hello Carole....I wanted to thank you so very much for all of the wonderfully kind comments you have left for me. You are a very lovely lady.
    I have enjoyed reading about your family's birthdays...so great to be able to all get together and have happy times to remember. viv x

  11. Oh Carole how wonderful, 90, wow cannot imagine that far ahead, although the way time is flying by, if the lord tarries it will be here in no time, hugs my friend, and enjoy your blog too, God bless you dear, Barbara