Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


On Saturday 11th september it is an anniversary for a horrible time in the world,but in our little world it is my husband Bobs birthday,this year he will be 63.
We first met when he was just turning 21 and I was just 19.

We had no money to do the "dating" thing as he was still in training and  we both loved old furniture so most of our time together was doing up a bedroom suite in my families shed and getting things together.
Bob asked me to marry him on the day we met 21st Feb 1968.I said yes but "don't ask Mum yet as she would have a fit" so he waited till the next day! the reaction was mirth of course.So 2 years from that day we were married.

We have moved so many times since we married but not the last 20 years.Bob was a train driver when I met him and still was when our daughter,Katrina, was born,then he wanted to become an Ambulance driver so that meant a move from the country to the city!! Boy what a change,there we had our son Michael,and moved in with Bobs grandmother to help care for her. Then were transferred out west  to a small town,had 3 years there,then back inland a bit for another three years,then another transfer to a town 10 minutes from here.
We were there for 10 years when Bob had a breakdown"post traumatic stress syndrome" they call it.
It shattered our lives,but we coped,we were in an ambulance home so after realising Bob could not go back to work we found our little cottage here and settled in. Katrina went to uiversity just months after our change she did not want to go but we said she must,she is now a very successful young woman ,a huge job that she juggles with the help of a lovely hubby who chose to be a stay at home Dad for a while and just works weekends to allow her to do this job and 3 gorgeous children, a wonderful Christain woman.She is a rock to us,we are so proud of what she has achieved but it is her daughterness that makes us more proud,she is so much loved and I just know she is there someone you can be "sure of".
Katrina and Stevens children
This is a pic I recieved on my phone sending Grammy a kiss on a not so well day just recently,they are Alexander,Olivia and William.I just love them.

Our son is a wonderful man, he has had lots of mountains to climb,he did not cope so well when his "rock",his dad crumbled but over the years has had battles with his demons.I am so proud that he has risen above his  barriers,found God and is doing so well at his job,  I do not think I would have the strength do be able to do what he has done and managed, he is just terrific.He is a good Christian man,always provided for his family and has enabled his lovely  wife to be a stay at home Mum.Just as with his sister I fell in love with Michael the moment he was born. Recently Michael thought he did not want to be of this worls any longer and it was the hardest time of my life,I know he will never go to that dark place again for he knows how much he is loved by us all and he is too good a man to to that to his family,I call it a hic cup in his life he has turned a corner.He has gone on to have 3 gorgeous children also.

They are Elijah,Lillian and Eden.Here they are off to watch their footy team play ,how gorgeous are they!

Both have been married for 12 years now,rough and smooth they are still together.Of couse I worry about them all but I just love the family that the meeting between two people generate 40 years on.
We both still have our Mums both of them turning 90 this year,how blessd are we.
It has taken many years for my husband to get on with life,he is now the town Postie as you would know ans I help.His breakdown was caused through so many children dying in accidents and fron cot death as it seemed to be so rife back 20 years ago, he had 3 on a Christmas day.That was the begginig of the end for him,he coped with the elderly dying but could not cope with anyone under 20.
He is a good man often has a dark far away look and I know the nastly memories are lurking there.
We have stuck together through thick and thin, I am at last getting health issues under control and hope I will be more pleasant to be around. He may not skittle up to the shed so often lol.
My husband has always had great respect for my belief in God and he knows I pray for him although he does not,he only ever made fun of me once and when he saw how hurt I was he never did that again.
My only complaint about him is he does not like cats and Iwould love a ginger one so much,I joke that if he dies first I will have a cat as quick as a flash,he says who says he is going first so I may still miss out!. lol.

When we meet and fall in love with our partener,we have no idea what is ahead, some peoples lives have a smooth road hardly ever a problem,others have nothing but problems,I think we came in the middle.We have no idea when we are all in the first throws of love what will be thrown at us but if it is a strong love and both are good people at heart you can overcome anything.Some people at the other end of life are still together if we are lucky these days,and still in love,some still together for companionship,some because it was too hard to leave and too much trouble,some ended one marriage and went on to have another union maybe happier maybe not.

I am a believer in marriage,got no idea why it is just there in my heart.Both our children did things the old fashioned way,engaged,married then children.I have many young friends that would not marry if their lived depended on it but have had long time parteners live by the same rules of marriage but don't think the paper matters,they are happy and content .Does it matter? that piece of paper? who knows that answer but I know it was marriage for me and here 40 years on  Grumble Bum and Grumble Mum at times in our home would not want to be with anyone else.
Have a beautiful day,enjoy the blessings in your life,the good and bad were meant to happen they are what makes our life journey,would we change anything,perhaps only words that we spoke but in the big pic the hard bits make us who we are.
Praise God for he is good, praise him for your seeds and praise him for just being.


  1. Happy Birthday Bob for Saturday. I think everything that comes our way in life is sent to make us stronger people even though we don't think that at the time:-)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Bob. Hope he has a great day on Saturday.

    I loved reading your life story. Some things are similar to mine. My hubby is a train driver, but has no intention of doing anything else, and he doesn't like cats either, whereas I would love to have one.

    It's my dad's birthday on Sunday, we are going to see him on Saturday, because he will be busy on Sunday getting the local agricultural show organised. Thats what you get when you are the president of the show.

    Sounds like your life hasn't always been easy, with plenty of trials and tribulations, but you have got through with your faith...God is good.


  3. Carole - that was a lovely moving story of your lives - I can't help thinking of that song that goes 'The road is long with many a winding turn .... he aint heavy, he's my brother ( husband, son, grandchild, whoever...) all the best to you all. PS I hope you don't mind me not taking part in the Pay it Along. Take care Love Molly x

  4. PS - To Bob - Happy birthday for 11th September
    Have a happy special day.

  5. Me too Carole. I send my very best wishes to Bob.

    I think yours must have been shortest courtship EVER. As for your comments about marriage, if anyone tells you it's been all 'smooth road', don't believe them. It's NEVER like that.

    Just go and get that ginger cat. I bet Bob would be the one making a fuss of it.

    My very best wishes to you both. Bisou, Cro.

  6. That was a very sweet and tender read. You must love each other very much.
    As you were the first to make a comment on my last blog post, Carole, I will send you a little Pay It Forward gift. Can you contact me via friends connect and let me have your address so I can send it on.

  7. Hi Carole, Just look what a beautiful bride you were sitting there next to your handsome hubby. You are a lucky lady with a wonderful family. The greatest thing is your Love of God and understanding of Him. :) Gerry

  8. Your story, for me this morning was a God-send. Life's a bit rocky in our house at the moment, but hubby and I stand strong together in the middle of the storm. In reading yours, you remind me that that's all that really matters.
    We are 36 years into this great thing called marriage...interestingly we were about the same age you and Bob were when you first met. Rudy wasn't quite as quick as Bob, it took him five days to propose.
    Stay strong...and if you don't mind, I'll say a little prayer for you and yours and hopefully you will for me and mine.
    Happy Birthday Bob!

  9. Hi Carole, Thank you for following my blog. This was a lovely post! Like me, you have a very strong sense of 'family'. Also like me, you are lucky enough to still be enjoying the blessings of our parents. SueXXX

  10. What a very touching story. I went from happy to sad and back again as I read all the ups and downs, twists and turns of your lives. You sound like a very loving family and I wish you all much happiness for the future. Happy Birthday Bob, I hope you had a wonderful time on your special day.

  11. Thanks for the lovely comment Carole its good to be back. Hope you hubby had a good birthday too. xxx

  12. What a beautiful story...Thank you for sharing!
    Congratulations on all of it- God has truly blessed you!
    Happy day and weekend ahead.....hope his Birthday was a happy one:)

  13. Hello Carole

    Thank you for sharing your story...
    Your journey has been long and winding at times...but it sounds like your safely Home now :-)
    What a wonderful family you have.
    What a lovely couple you are.
    You are very blessed.

    P.S. Happy Birthday to your hubby...he shares it with my lovely Mum who is 64 but she sadly has had Alzheimer's for the last 7 years...my wonderful Dad is her full-time carer.

    P.P.S. Thank you for your kind comments and your names been entered for the CK giveaway.
    GOOD LUCK! x

  14. Lovely story.
    I really enjoyed the pictures. You went through a lot of work to compile this together.
    Hope all is well. Have not heard from you in awhile.

  15. I did enjoy this very much Carole, so sweet and honest of you to share your story. It made me happy and sad in places but the strength and support you have for one another shines through. You are really blessed.