Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Monday, August 23, 2010

                               Some of the Little People Hangin' round the Home.

These girls are two fabric teddies dressed alike as I made them to represent my mum and her twin.I did not name them after our girls though as I already have a Thelma and Joyce porcelain twins.These ones are named Letti and Millie. One is dressed in Debbie Mumm fabric abd the other just in country check,they have underwear ,petticoats the whole works and their little jackets are appliqued and hand painted name brooches.The other is little Mimmi she is lovely and just perfect the way she is a no frills girl just like me lol.
The stool they are sitting on was made by Bob and painted by me it is our family tree(needs a couple of names added Imust do that!),and they await in the hallway for something exciting to happen.They have been waiting a long time lol.

I thought I would share with you just a few of the lovely little people that share our home.In an earlier post I talked about learning a new craft each year,These girls are from one of those years.I just love making dolls and teddies.Although I have not made any for some time,it is a rewarding thing to do as you never get 2 the same.You watch as they form into shape and then the most exciting is when the face becomes alive almost.

These girls are also hangin' in the hallway just up from the others.They were a lot of fun to make.I have many hanging round on the walls I love them all,Lord knows where they will end up when I leave this world.

It is lovely to have things around us that we love or have made or painted etc but at the end of the day they are just material.They give us great joy when we look at them and sometimes pride but if they were taken away would we really miss them?
It brings the thought to  my mind about words.What it has to do with all this I do not know but I am going to run with it.
Lately I have been sharp in speech,not feeling well is that an excuse?It is not!...would I like my family to remember me by harsh words(not so much words but tone)   NO!!!or the gentle soft caring person that is really within YES PLEASE.

Proverbs 16:24
Pleasant words are a honeycomb,
sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

How true are those words...have you been grumpy today? if you checked out for the wonderous heavenly place that awaits us what is the last memory your loved one would have of you today...BLUSH!! BLUSH!!
I think I better go say sorry for being grumpy,and put in place some sweet honeycomb for my loved ones soul.
Thank you for listening to me ramble ,in all of that a lesson came to me,whether you are of Christian faith or other it does not really matter ,for me the Holy Spirit used this post to remind me of that verse,if you listen to your inner self it is the same thing,the hardest part is being obedient to the message.
Have a most beautiful day.


  1. What a beautiful gathering of little friends you have sharing your abode....

    and I have to admit that I have been much cheerier of late... but I have been tired and grumpy for far too long... thanks for the reminder.. @//(*_*)\\@

    x Alex

  2. Is that a lamb on the top picture, left side??? What cutie. Inside sheep are always well behaved. Won't say what I think about the outside ones!

    Thanks for your daily posts to me. Very encouraging.

    Hugs Marlyn

  3. I don't think I have ever seen or heard you being grumpy at all Carole! Your lovely post reminds me how some days I too am grumpy when I really don't want to be. I try and apologise soon after I act out as I feel awful if I carry it around to long.
    Blessings to you and say hello to your mum and bob for me.

  4. Aweeeee what cute little people they are too, thank you for sharing, I have one in a rocking chair, I wanted to give away, but seems all my girls have outgrown dolls of any kind, hugs love yours

  5. What a lovely post....serving to remind me that I can be impatient too. I'm so thankful that I can take it to the Lord and restart!

    Thank you for your visit. you live in a lovely place that we nearly visited! Staying with son and family in Sydney we drove as far as the Blue Mountains, but didnt get to the Hunter Valley, sadly.

  6. Hi Dear Carole,

    Coming to the realization of your (sometimes) short-comings just proves to me that you are walking in His light. Blessings,
    Gerry PS:
    I love your little handmade dolls and things.

  7. Hello honey
    Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier today and sharing. I too have littl ppl hanging around my home and I must say they are so very well behaved and they don't eat much either hehehe ;]



  8. hello Carole. I was admiring your dolls, they are quite charming, when I enlarged the photo for a better look, I noticed all the detail on that gorgeous rack with the hooks. Are they Kookaburras?

  9. there is an award over on my blog if you'd like it! hope your having a fab week

    hugs Alex

  10. Hello Carole
    Thank you for your lovely comment...
    I think I am turning into Dorothy in the forest, just off to follow my yellow brick road...
    Nice to meet you ;-)
    Have a lovely weekend

    Just going to have a look round your lovely blog now x

  11. Hi kath, yes they are Kookaburras I painted that hat rack when i was doing folk are and guess what i won a prize!! what a shock for me lol.They are gorgeous birds we often see them and when they laugh it is amazing the flowers are all Australian natives.Thank you for your lovely words Kath. Carole

  12. hello, I've just discovered your blog, I think the Lord directed me here as it is just what i needed xxx