Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, August 22, 2010

                                                 Who's that hanging round my chickens?

On Thursday at the op shop I spotted a little person with no clothes and looking for somewhere to live.
I decided the buy the small child sized doll and shopped for some clothes for her at the same time.
All up she cost me $10.00 for shoes,shirt,overalls and a lovely little hat.
Our old scarecrow is looking delapidated and worn and lonely and my first thought was this little person would make him a great friend.
When I got home I rested Cloe (as I named her) against my new chicken house,The dogs next door went crazy barking, my Mum came out and said who's that? and then I realised that I had placed Cloe as if she were looking into the chicken pen and she looks just like a small child,she fooled the dogs and Mum!
Well it looks like I will have to make my scarecrow a new friend when I go shopping next week and buy some old clothes as Cloe loves looking at the chickens and looks like she is there to stay.
Cloe is serving 2 purposes,she gives Mum so much joy as she looks from the window in the kitchen she can see her,and as for me...well I miss my grandchildren so much that I have a little fantasy that it is one of them looking at "our girls". So for Mum it makes her 89 year old face lite up and for me Cloe just makes me happy,and she is so well behaved!

Would you believe the chickens like her too.How often do we think it is the big things in life that make us happy,when all along a little person someone else disposed of got a new life at our home,has filled us with joy this weekend.
God sends us little mysteries all the time,things to make us be thankful,things that make us smile,I believe he knew this weekend I was more fretful than usual missing my family who all live away and thought to himself "this will cheer her up"
Thank you Lord for all the lovely little joys you bring.
Each day is wonderful,full of surprises and although not feeling the best now for some time,I did not even think about that today.
Praise you Lord.


  1. Oh I had a little person like yours for many years till the new kitten decided her long curls were fun to play with sigh~!



  2. Good Sunday morning Carole. This is the funniest thing! I abslutely LOVE your little Cloe. I have been reading your blog for a long time and I enjoy it, always. I love the way you present your thoughts. I have learned that you are not oblivious to your "Showers of Blessings". He is worthy to be praised. Have a blessed Sunday. Gerry

  3. What a lovely story - I was just popping on before I shut down for the week when I read your blog - you make me smile and I love Cloe, I had a doll called cloe when I was a little girl, not as big as yours and not as well dressed but I loved her anyway.
    Have a happy week and see you when I get back off holiday.
    Beverley x

  4. It looks so cute and would fool anyone:0)

  5. Carole I love your story about Cloe. She looks good in her outfit too!

  6. Very cute Carole! Wish Jessie was so well behaved!! LOL! Hope to get up to see you all very soon. Jessie keeps asking me. I think she loves being spoiled rotten!
    Miss having little chats with you.
    God bless

  7. Hi Carole,
    I hope all is well in your world, you sound like something has been bothering you. Its good not to forget the good things when the bad things happen. god bless.

  8. Good morning Carole :0)
    I love little Cloe,lol..in the photo it looks like she has just got off her little Trike to have a peek in the chook house :0)
    Very cute indeed !