Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Thursday, August 12, 2010

                                   Reflection on the gifts He gave us

Each of you has been blessed with one of God's many wonderful gifts
 to be used in the service of others.
Use your gift well.
1 peter.4:10 cev

I was reading my little book that my grandchildren gave me sometime ago "His Princess..Love letters from your king" by Sheri  Rose Shepherd, in it is the verse above and I was thinking about the gifts that God has bestowed upon us. I am not actually talking of the  Gifts of the Spirit,(by the way have you been blessed enough to find yours)? I am talking about the little arty things we can do. It made me realise that we do many things in life and move on never realising that we weren't so bad at it.At the age of 47 I decided I would like to learn a new craft each year and I began with Folk Art.

 One of my first attempts at folk art( well good enough to hang lol).There were many things that were very bad and they are still around,in the garden,door stops etc lol where people will not notice them ,but to remind me that things do not have to be perfect to bring joy,because even those items gave great joy at the time of painting.

This was a fine brush type of work that was a joy to do, it ended up looking like tiles but it is actually timber squares with layers of gesso sanded over and over to a lovely smooth surface.

This is mt first cottage I ever did, it is not perfect but I loved doing it.

This was a really challenging work,the faces needed to be realistic and it had many textures and I still look at it and cannot believe I did it!

This is my first lamp and lace work with roses it sits in our loungeroom on a little table that belonged to a friend that has passed over,the cherrubs we call the twins,Mum is a twin and her sister has passed and this is in memory of Aunty Thelma,it is our little memory table.

This is our spice cupboard ,Bob made it from the back of an old wardrobe that we had,and this is my favourite rooster,he is my first one, I have painted dozens of them, on clocks on books,tables you name it! His tail alone always took a couple of days as it is layers and layers if hair fine brush work,he is a lovely fellow.

I rarely paint anymore,I moved on to bear making,quilting,embroidery,crochet,knitting so many wonderful crafts too many to mention,I have stayed with my idea of learning something new each year, sometimes it has had to do with outside the home in the garden but it has always been a great journey, I am perfect at none of them but it does not matter.As I moved around our home to decide which work I would take a photo of I did not pick the best or worst I just picked the ones with the vivid memory of being painted.I have asked myself today why did I stop?There is no real answer to that as we all change from time to time what we eat, wear,methods of doing things we change habits etc so therefore we change to another craft.
I have to say though that looking around me my family will be able to say one day,"gee Mum had a go at anything didn't she".All of them have a special something painted for them male and female alike,so a little bit of me will live on.
I am feeling a little sad though as I realise that God gave me the gift to do these things no matter what they turned out like and I am so grateful for the gifts he has bestowed upon me in everyday life,I wonder did I take them for granted then I realise that he opened another door for me and gave me the oportunity to learn much more,I have taken his blessings with open arms.Thank you Lord.
PS. A little post script for those who understand the gifts of the spirit,when I was baptised,born again,made my promise to our Heavenly Father and gave my life to him,I was told that my gift of the spirit was the gift of giving,I make sure that I make full that blessing I have been given and each day I give of myself,quietly,gently,I pass through each day ending it knowing I did something no matter how small for someone else.How wonderful to get some much joy from something that costs me nothing.Praise God.
Have a lovely sweet blessed day.


  1. This is a lovely post...

    You are similar to me in many ways, I never did get to learn folk art, but dabble with my own style. I would still like to learn it, but there is nobody around here that teaches it. I have tried many different crafts, never stayed with one thing.

    You are truly blessed to have such a God given talent and that you use it well.

    Blessings to you,


  2. My dear friend Carole,
    You are the most generous, giving person I have ever met and I thank the Lord you are in my life.
    I want to try my hand at so many things and I feel like life is so short that I won't have a chance to do half of them. I now relise that having a go is more important than perfecting it.
    God bless you.

  3. Oh your pieces are gorgeous, I love that rooster cabinet too, thank you for coming by my blog too, will be back to yours later, have to fix my honey his birthday breakfast..Hugs and blessings, Barbara

  4. What a lovely post, my gift given was to make people laugh and I hope I do that at least three times a day. Today I unsolicited began talking to a lady in the supermarket queue (did not put down my blanket and candles....)who seemed a bit upset and I hope she will remember the strange lady who made her smile. I also never bother if the things I make are 100% perfect because I am not 100% perfect and I am no surprise to God.
    Have a great evening.

  5. What a great post and the folk art is very good and far better than my attempt years ago:0)

  6. Carole, just dropping by to say I couldnt get to a PO today- its absolutely pouring here, very heavy, and I didnt get out in time ( the PO only opens until 12 on saturdays. The next possible posting day is next wednesday- my next day off, but I'll let you know when its on its way.

    Leanne x

  7. I too am a dabbler. I have never taken folk art lessons other then you-tube ( does that count?) and books from the library. However I enjoy dabbling in it. Realistically I enjoy doing many different things, but somehow always come back to knitting and smocking. Comfort food for the hands.

  8. Carole - have a sweet blessed day yourself xx

  9. You are so blessed with your God given earthly talents. Your art is beautiful and something to be cherished. Those blessings are a joy and delight.

    I understand the joy of giving, as we give of ourselves in the Spirit of Peace that passes all understanding. Gerry

  10. Thank you for stopping by and posting on my blog! I too, am a Jill of all trades and Mistress of none. I do not, however, shoot for perfection, I go for what I like - which is not necessarily anywhere near perfect. My hands have given out with arthritis, probably from the many years of sweaters, mittens and afghans.
    I appreciate your visit, you are welcome, any time!

  11. Oh you are so very talented lovely lady. I only wish I had your flair with a paint brush~!



  12. Your paintings are beautiful, I love your first cottage picture and the rooster cupboard. you are very talented. I am not remotely artistic but like trying my hand at new things.
    Ann x

  13. Wow! What a beautifully painted Cockerel!
    Julie x