Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, June 30, 2012

                                             Jubilee Swap...Thank you so much Dee.

My Jubilee Swap package arrived Friday  but I could not open it until today as we had to make a quick trip after work to pick up two gorgeous grand children and then Sat was so busy I forgot and today i got to open it.
Thank you so much Dee and thank you to the wonderful organiser over at Faith Hope and Charity blog site.

 How fantastic to wrap the parcel in old pattern paper I loved this idea.
It contained a lovely zip purse that I will use a lot, I am going to keep the banking slips etc in this from the op shop as I needed just this size,it is lovely.
A lovely little crochet brooch and some very regal crown earings,playing cards which we will put in our caravan and some great fabric pieces that will soon be made into items that I will be using.\
Once again a huge thank you.

Aren't children priceless,it was just what I needed,lots of kiddie cuddles and giggles all round...

 How does one eat a crunchy pear with no front teeth! very carefully and slowly lol.
 Livvy with Miss Molly who never gets to walk much when the children come for a holiday.
Sister helps cook and brother plays happily with the pirate ship that has been here since before they were all born,every time I do a clear out I almost part with it only to find it is the first item they ask for so I imagine their children will also play with it in years to come.
Next blog I will put the caramelised onion recipe up,we made a double batch yesterday as everyone seems to like it.
Have a blessed Sunday.


  1. Hi Carole - I hope that some time with the grandies gave you a much needed lift. They look adorable! I also often use old patterns as wrapping paper, especially for giving items that I have made, it saves spending money on tissue paper, and looks fab. x♥x

  2. What a wonderful swap gift. So thoughtful.

    Children are wonderful aren't they. They can lift all spirits.

    Sft x

  3. Oh Carole, please forgive my delayed reply! I am so glad you enjoyed your swap parcel. Wasn't it a fun idea!! It looks like you had a fantastic time with the grandkids - thats what it's all about - right?
    I have put your gorgeous fabric samples to good use - have a look at my blog - I am just writting a post about this weeks creations now. Love your quilt cover too x