Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today I have chosen to rise above that which drags us down,to do what I promised myself months ago,only write about the good things in life,and not blog about the worries,pain or sadness that befalls us,well trying to anyway.
I think I have learnt these last weeks that creating things and being able to actually physically make them is what makes up a huge part of me,not being able to do this made me a morose  figure and I did not like me very much.
Thank you Anthea for your lovely caring email,this made me realise I simply needed to rise up and get on...so I have and here is my first back to blog catchup.
First a happy birthday on Saturday past for our Miss Livvy turning 9 ,she is a joy.
WE have travelled to see my Mother in law who had a fall and while there we had a beautiful time with her and my sister in law Janet.

 Bob having a ride on his Mums cart,he loved it.....
 Janet is doing wonderfully recovering from Breast Cancer,still a long way to go but she does have a lovely head of hair since Chemo.
 We stayed at a lovely motel on the way home and this is out our window, I needed this break very much.
 Now this is our Caramalised Onions. I can say these are absolutely delishious.
 If you have an abundance of onions I can say that these are so worthwhile making,if you can bear to give any away the persons will be truly grateful.Gorgeous with a sharp cheese and crackers or on steak or yummy on  toasted sandwiches,so very easy to make and just takes 2 hours.If anyone is interested I will blog the recipe, I think a follower of mine Cro would love these.
Something to make you smile,the little lambs are everywhere on my daily work day at the moment,I do worry as it is so cold and the newborns struggle, I guess these are late lambs or early as they usually arrive in the spring.The funny thing is these are only half of the group and 2 mums babysitting, I love seeing this they seem to have 2 adults look after a huge group, I guess the mums take turns feeding .
Have a wonderful day,rise above the weight that comes so heavily onto your shoulders,sometimes it just takes a kind word of caring from one person to make the difference.
Blogland is a wonderful place,a stranger cares that all may not be well with you and sends a little email,just checking ,and makes your day,if you follow a blog regularly and they suddenly stop send a little email it will make all the difference,I have not commented at all recently on the blogs I follow,I have been reading them and I will get back to commenting soon.
Blessings to everyone.


  1. It is so nice to have a caring email from a friend. Blogalnd is unlike anything else, you may never meet or even speak to a person, but they do care about you.

  2. so glad to hear you are doing OK. Yes I think it is important to help to life each other up. That looks like a lovely motel to spend the night - I am sure it really refreshed you. I for one would love to see that onion recipe - it sounds very useful.

  3. Carole - you need to just look after YOU and yours. Everyone in blogland can wait. Our human condition means that there are times when we have to deal with challenging things, and there are plenty right now for you. I will continue to think of you & send my good thoughts your way, and when you are able, we will love to see you blogging again... x♥x

  4. Sounds like my cup of tea. I look forward to the recipe. Glad to hear you're back to your old self. What a view from your motel room!

  5. Glad to know you have bounced back Carole, we missed you!
    Like Cro, I am an onion lover, so as long as it's "for dummies" I shall definitely have a go!

  6. Welcome back.
    Love from Mum

  7. Glad you had a little break and yes we need to rise above our problems and carry on:0)

  8. Great to have you back....all the best to you and yours.