Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Thursday, January 31, 2013

January...thank goodness it is over!!!!

Usually janury brings a much needed quiet time at work after all the Christmas mail..alas someone forgot to tell the people!!! we are still delivering up to 140 parcels a day as well as all the usual bills etc...please stop I say under my breath.
January has so far had us on the hop...
Aunty Pat is in her final resting place bless her but never forgotten,just days after her passing it is Uncle Johns first anniversary of his passing,Mum does not cope well but she is strong and will rise back up.
Our lovely grandson Eden turns 10.
We have heat beyond our memory and drag ourselves around lol.
Our wonderful Spa breaks down and the manufacturer is away for all of January,just after our bones got used to the wonders of it all.
We purchase a new lap top that to this point does not like my camera...also new,but it will!!!
Bobs Mum becomes very ill and my brother arrives to look after Mum so we can go to her for the long weekend,Joan has a Gall operation at 92 only to find that they have made an error and in two days has 2 major surgeries.We arrive in torrential rain a harrowning trip of 8 hours but we needed to break it up into two lots as we are tired from work and it is too dangerous to drive any further.
We arrive to find a desperately sad but happy to see us lady,we give her hugs galore and tell her she is loved and go away so she can rest awhile,when we return she is in better spirits and emotional,we get messages from our children to make sure great nana knows they care...which we do..we hug her some more..
The town is on flood alert and suddenly by morning it is made clear we have to leave and fast if we want to get back home,we call the hospital and they say come on up,we do not want to leave without seeing Joan again,when we get there there is a smiling happy lady...all I needed was cuddles she tells us...what a lesson!!!!!we spend an hour and have to leave.
On our travels this time we see the rivers rising,we come across an overturned car,stop,check it we can't find anyone in it or near it,it must have happened overnight in the wind and rain,not two klms further we had to stop to try and get a tree off the road,it is too large we cannot budge it so we have to leave it,flicking our lights at oncoming traffic to warn them.We are very lucky as we listen to the radio as we pass through each town they become blocked off after we have passed through..we made it home safetly..whew...we are stressed and tired lol..
My bloods are all a mess again,but we just have to soldier on.
I have my 64th birthday,I was so surprised I had emails from Uk and a card from there and at last I got not 1 but 2 parcels in the mail that day from our son and daughter and their families I was so excited as usually I just deliver them rarely get one,and they were full of lovely surprises.
The new tablet which we purchased in December will still get no service,I have spent endless hours on the phone to Telstra and also to the place of purchase.I have travelled to town 4 times to get it looked at and it is so disappointing.
At last life has made a turn.
Mum is much brighter,her old self almost,my brother travelled home safe as he also had to go through flooded towns,Bobs Mum is home from hospital and although it will be slow with nurses coming twice a day and meals she will be fine.
The Spa man is back off holidays and the new part is in the mail.
Bob took the Tablet back and we got a refund.
The floods in our country are receding but the damage is terrible our hearts go out to everyone,fires and floods an awful month in our country.
Our lovely daughter and her husband celebrate 15 years marriage yesterday.
Lilli has her first day of High School and loves it,our eldest grandson Alex learned to fly gliders in the holidays,very proud of them all.
Specialst rang to adjust my medication,maybe I will have a normal February lol,now that would be very nice.
Care packages will be going to South Sudan this weekend,I did not even know we had troops there,ladies in town have been madly knitting balaclavas and beanies for me to send to the soldiers in colder climates,so far this year we will have sent 30 so that is a wonderful thing for our little town.

This blog sounds full of doom and gloom but not really.
So that is basically our January,we have rolled with the punches,and the good days far outweigh the bad.
I have learned a huge lesson about love,the importance of hugs for healing as I realised it is the heart that is sometimes the more part in need of care than the actual illness.
it is quite easy to get through tough times...just breathe lol.


  1. Hope February brings you much joy, fewer parcels (for others), and mild weather.

  2. you have been on such a roller coaster Carole, your big heart has seen you through as ever.
    Much love to you and your family xx

  3. The floods didn't affect your little patch then Carole. Thank goodness for that. You have had enough of your own dramas without he extra burden of flood or fire. Our hearts are with everyone in Aussie going through these tough times - again - in such a short time.
    It is very hot here (for us) too and drought conditions expected.

    I love your last line 'it's easy to get through tough times...just breathe'.


  4. February 1st today, and I hope things improve. Over here, our cold weather seems to have gone, but they've given us rain instead. Never right is it! Best wishes to all, Cro x

  5. Wow, so many ups and downs. Life is like a roller coaster, isn't it. Let's hope you have more ups than downs now.
    Love from Mum

  6. The journey and the weather sounded horrendous. Bob's mum would have been so thrilled to see you both. Wish her a speedy recovery. Wishing you good health for the rest of 2013 as well Carole

  7. Glad to see your post. You have had a full month. I hope the rest of the year settles for you and yes the weather was extreme.

  8. It is so good to have you back...kept wondering were you alright....well, you were and you weren't!
    So glad Mum is recovering and it was great you got safely to the other patient and managed to turn her mood around...too bad you had to 'evacuate' so quickly but it was so good you got home safely....lovely that your brother could come and take over 'Mum' duties.
    Rest up when you can - I could give you 4 years and know it is hard to cope when you haven't as much energy as you used to.
    Take care.