Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Monday, February 4, 2013

                                                   O'h it must been a wonderful dream.

MUM TODDLED OUT THIS MORNING  JUST AFTER ME AT 5AM!!!what are you doing up this early Mum I think to myself,I swear if I got up at 4 she would be out lol,I get up earlier than Mum and Bob so I can do book work but it does not work out that way.I feel rude if I continue what I am doing at this rate I am never going to catch up!
I had a lovely dream last night she says,we were all at Thelmas ( her twin) and John was there and Pat...all of these lovely people have passed  away now,just Mum left,these are her brother and sisters,they were out looking at Thelma's husband Roy's garden he is also passed over.We always used to gather at Thels house at Chistmas when I was growing up,so it is a happy place.How lovely for Mum to see  them all even if only in a dream,she then said if you dream of the dead you hear of the living so today she is all hyped up about who may ring her up lol....
Life with a 92 year old obsessed with Molly our dog is one laugh over the other,many times I hear Mum telling Molly she is her best friend and other times Molly gets told she is Mums only friend,having a dog is the best thing that ever happened for Mum.The dog lady came yesterday to bath Molly,we can do it but it is someone else to call at our home,this is great excitement for Mum,Pam tells Mum all her troubles and then when I get home I know everything about Pam,how much her light bill is,how her partner is a cranky old thing lol the whole works!....wonderful........I wonder if these people such as dog ladies,lawn people,handy men,people that take the elderly shopping or simply call to say hello ...do they know their true worth?
Well I can tell you they are priceless,for Mum the hairdresser and the dog lady give her a link to the world outside our home otherwise there is just Bob and I and at times I think she thinks we are very boring lol.
So happy dreaming Mum,I am sure there was lots of laughter in that dream and catching up,Mum talks about them all most days,I think being one of only 2 children I have  missed something along the way,I then in turn had 2 children,you can't pick a favorite that way lol,Mum misses her siblings very much but she has a sharp mind and many happy past days to look back on.


  1. Isnt it wonderful that your mother gets so much pleasure out of visit. keeping her in touch with the 'normal' world!

  2. Memories are making your mum happy :)

    I know my grandma used to get excited when she knew someone was going to visit, and we would hear all about it when we were there, she was just loving the simple pleasures :)


  3. God bless her, she reminds me so much of my Mum, 89 this year and as tiny as your mum. I spent 10 days with her a few weeks ago, and I never tire of her.We are so lucky you and I.
    Give her a big hug from me, and you can have one too :o))