Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, February 17, 2013

                                                     I think I have worked it out at last !!!!!!!!!

I have finally worked out the new camera so a little catch up,sadly I lost all my Christmas pics and many more but I am grateful to have gotten this far.

                                     Molly loves to be rocked like a baby very spoilt,now 2 years old.
                                                            Molly with her favorite toy Biff.
                                             One night stand Moon Flower
                                                  A closer look.
                                            Bob made some tin cut out chooks...love them.
        My sealed pot,recycled from last year,I am working hard to fill it up,last year I filled 3 of them.
 Mums legs and more soldiers care packages,it is February and already we have sent 40!
                                    Lots of ingredients waiting to be made up
 Georgie and Bob,a heavy rain storm came so George had a shower while on bob back.he loves the rain...George that is lol

                                        Pina Colada Weiss bars...a delightful flavour.
  Worcester sauce,Tomato Relish  from the ingredients above we also made Nectrine jam and 4 different flavour Weiss bars.

Hopefully this means I am back blogging..if i disappear again you know I have not got it right after all.


  1. what a wonderful post Carole i love all your hamemade cooking,i try to do the same with our produce from the garden.xx

  2. Gosh what a feast for the eyes. George and Molly are so cute. :)

  3. Carole how I would love to come stay with you for a couple of days and sip tea with you and your mum and eat a few of your home made goodies.

    Squishy hugs


  4. How good to see your world again. The chicken's chickens are a real treat.

  5. OOh will you give us your recipe for the weiss bars? Glad your camera is working now.

  6. So glad to hopefully have you back more often...I've missed reading you big time. Love to Bob and Mum from Northern Ireland where Spring has almost arrived...your flower is beautiful! We have snowdrops...daffs are 6" out of the ground and the birds are singing and my Mrs Blackbird is chasing Mr Blackbird away from the food but soon she'll not be chasing him but inviting him...!!! I hope so as they had 3 lovely wee ones last year.

  7. I am SO glad you've got your camera back!

    It is so nice to see Bob, you and little Georgie.

    And I really enjoyed your post about your Mum previously. She is so special.

    Sft x