Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, July 28, 2012


                                          Garden Wandering and this and that.....
First of all a lovely blog that I have followed for a long time has disappeared...removed really...sadly this lovely young English lady very happily married was informed by her husband that he no longer wanted to be married,just like that ..out of the blue,she posted a short blog saying the basics and that when she felt more human after such a shock she would be back,now Mel has removed her blog totally,I do wish in the past I had emailed her about any little thing then at least I would know she was fine.. I do miss her lovely blog and Mel if you are blog hopping and just not blogging yourself,you are much missed and many followers would have you in their thoughts daily as I do.so anyone who used to follow At Home with Mel Mel...sadly she is not blogging at this time,may your heart heal soon sweetie...

Many changes taking place in our family also,our son is talking about moving a very long way away although still Australia it is an ocean crossing,I want only the best for him and his family,.I will say no more...just he is our boy and always will be,we hope we will be invited to visit at some stage,we will miss them bit there is the phone and the email so that is good and the children can talk to us by those means,it is not final yet but they are excited.

I am going to take you for a little wander around the garden such as it is...

 This is a tiered planter that Bob bought it at a garage sale so that Mum could have her garden without too much bending,she has Stocks in the top and pansies etc in the other rows
 This Iris's have been wonderful this year,the path has now been poisoned for weeds now.
 The Lavender is lovely and healthy.
 The back garage wall,it has old items hanging off it and more to go up also the garden now has Geraniums in it.
 This area needs some TLC must do it next garden day.
 Bobs first Broccoli almost ready a little while to go yet.
 The Hycnths poking through.
 The wait was worth if for our garden lady the Jonquils are up and as they finish the Daffodils will arrive.
 In the pot there is a little mushroom with a Butterfly attached it dances in the breeze and is solar powered Mum loves it we have another with a Hummingbird.
 This is a bird ornament on our front wall we have 2 just a little different to each other.
A lovely day for a bike ride lol,one of Mums little plant holders.

Thanks for your visit,probably a craft post next time....have a blessed day and hope you are loved as we all deserve to be..even if just a little bit.


  1. I love the tiered garden planter, it is just lovely and such a good idea for your mum.

    I always enjoy reading you blog.

    Lil Bit Brit

  2. I always love stopping by also!


  3. I just happened on your blog and loved the way you write, so I shall be back!! My eldest child, married an australian girl and took the step of moving to Perth where she comes from, with their small son. They have been there two years now and seemed to have settled in well. I was heart broken when they decided to move there, because my daughter in law felt she had been away from home too long.. I never said anything although my heart was breaking and grandson of mine was only weeks old.. I knew that it was in the plans, but never dreamed it would be less than three months after their wedding that they would leave.. Yes, it is close and Emails and such help, but even if it their road to travel, it does hurt not seeing them much in the flesh.. The cost of tickets too is prohibitive, but we do keep in touch, unlike in earlier times when it was just the post or telephone... The lifestyle they enjoy is so much better than they could have had in the UK, so I wish you and your family a happy outcome and his wishes and plans come true... all will be well, and hearts heal in time too!!!

  4. Thanks for the tour of all the nooks and crannies of your lovely garden spots. All the best to your son and family in their new venture. They are young and full of spirit.

  5. Hi not been in touch for a while but love the journey round your garden. My son and his girlfriend are in the midst of sorting out paperwork with a view to coming to your part of the world to live... so both our sons are thinking of moving but at least your son is staying in your country. But if they do come to live in Australia at least I may get to meet you in person.
    Enjoy your week and stay safe, well and happy

  6. Carole I just love your porch!
    Yes I can imagine how sad you must be feeling to have your boy move so far away.
    Your Mum does a great job with her little garden and her pots, she is amazing for her age.

  7. We all seem to have some of our family far away, but I feel for you. It is just such a blessing to live in this age where communication is so easy and varied.

  8. Hi Carole, gosh that's a hard thing in families, when adult children & grandies live so far away, I wish them well, & hope that you are able to be in touch often. Your gardens are looking gorgeous as always, they have such character, and the chair on the porch well I am jealous! That's sad about the blogger Mel, maybe she'll come back to blogging when she has healed her heart a bit. Take care xo

  9. Hello Carole,

    Your garden is beautiful. I have hopes that in a couple years I will have successfully started a nice flower garden here at our new home. Our new vegetable garden is off to a good start this year - I harvested a nice spinach salad and my 1st zucchini recently.
    I will pray the Lord's peace and comfort to you as you all adjust to your son & his family's upcoming move.

  10. Your garden looks fab! You'll have to come by now as I need someone to organise mine for me! I have no idea about gardening down south and only know about tropical gardens. It is very hard when family live away, I have lived away from my mum for nearly 11 years now and yes, thankfully we have skype and such to keep in touch. But its sad that both grandparents and grandchildren miss out on so many bits of each others lives. Love, wishes, hugs and kisses to you - Paula xx