Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Thursday, July 5, 2012

                                                              A quiet Home.....
Papa has taken the children home as Mum was not well enough to travel so now we are back to three,the echo's of children's laughter is now a memory that I relish,the toys are packed away till next holiday,although Mummy did say they may come back for a night or two with all the family..we will see..it would be lovely...

 Livvy and Molly,Molly never uses her legs while they are here lol......Livvy is a gorgeous little person she does not have a mean bone in her body,just an absolute joy.

Then there is William,he is a laugh a minute and never ceases to amuse us all,Bob calls him Bulldozer Bill as he is full on..at the same time there are no cuddles that compare to William's.We miss them so much,they bring so much joy to mum and seem to pick her up and make her smile.
So far this week  my Mum has had a fall trying to pick up Molly but thankfully she was not hurt,Eden our sons son had a buster off his bike as the chain broke so a call to Nanny from hospital yesterday,he is fine but a few patches of skin missing,poor little fella.
I think we have well above our quota of mishaps this year surely!!!!

Anyway just on another someone else has left the home and we were sad to see her go,another era ending in our life's journey.Bella has gone to a young couple who were so excited to have a big bike to ride,I know they are going to have fun!!!!

Just an update on my sealed pot challenge,my second pot is almost full and as you can see one is full to the brim.Bob even started his own he saw how I was going and got inspired.I can't wait to see how much I will have at the end of it all.I felt guilty for the first few weeks of putting all my change and any left over at the end of the week in the pots as I used to do this for the grandchildren and divide it between the 6 at the end of the year.It was bought to my attention by a friend that both families earn far more than Bob and I and that perhaps we should think of us as this is all towards a really good holiday in 2 years time.We have not had a holiday for 8 years now as we do not get time off other than gazetted holidays,one of our little families have been to Fiji this year and the other a wonderful beach holiday in Queensland and we struggle to get enough for a 3 day weekend to get away for a break,so now I do not feel so bad about us having our own money lol...funny old creatures aren't we...just maybe this time we will come first.
(shhhhhh... I still spoil them when they come and send a parcel now and then so not all goes in there,it is what Nan's and Grammy's do).

Have a wonderful day and may the sun shine upon you as you go about your daily lives.


  1. what a good idea, you deserve a bit of spoiling Carole.
    I do envy you, your lovely Grand children, they sound and look adorable.
    Sorry Mum had a fall, I hope she is feeling better now. If only we were neighbours, I would come and sit with her and keep her company, so you and Bob could go off for the day together.

  2. What a good idea, but I do agree that you should be taking time for a little holiday yourselves!

  3. I am so sad to hear your Mum had a fall. Please give her a big hug from me.

    Children are so precious, aren't they! They lift everyone's moods. Your grandchildren sound a joy. Like you, I love that they have such distinct personalities and love unconditionally.

    Sorry to see the bike go! I wrote to my cousin in N.S.W recently and sent the photo of Georgie and Bob on the motorbike to her. She is in her 70s and is bird mad, just like us. She has a budgie called Joey who is such a character so I know she'll enjoy Bob and Georgie's story.

    I think you've got the balance right between yourselves and others. We are also on our second pot but not doing quite as well as you guys. Mr Sft puts his cash in our pot too.
    Bob is such a star for starting his own, isn't he?

    I too am excited about how much is in there!

    Sft x

  4. It's it a joy to have a house filled with happy children. It looks like you had a lovely visit.
    Thanks for the visit to my little blog . . . I love it that you play the spoons.
    Oh My! I wish that I could play the spoons . . . they say it isn't hard, but I can not seem to get it. I think it makes a wonderful addition to many country western and folk songs. Have a marvelous week, and thank you so much for popping in for a visit. Connie :)