Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

                                             A Scrappy blog, Scraps of this and that....

Because my eyesight has become a real problem I was so worried I would not get Olivia's quilt done as it had a lot of embroidery,when I did Lilli one it took me 2 years to embroider and this one has taken almost the same time, I made sure that I made Livvy's quilt my priority and at last the work is done, I will have it quilted professionally as I did Lilli's after Christmas as it is expensive but after so much work it will be worth it.

This is a Leanne Beasley quilt and all hers are a thing of beauty,my embroidery is not the finest,but I did it and am so glad I stuck it out to the end!!!
I have been doing small projects that are manageable for me so here are some other "little things" I have made.

When I received a swap package some time back the scissors had gorgeous little pillow holders on them so I have done some ready for Christmas gifts.

Next are some more scissor keepers,

 I have taken a long time to make these just going back to them every now and then,they are strange little people also for Christmas gifts.

 Some embroidered ( easy as you can see) pillowcases I am about to do another set and I shall pack these away for when the girls grow up in case my eyes do not improve,I won't be able to do them when they are young ladies.
 My latest project my friend Lyn came for the last Saturday and taught me how to do this crochet stitch so I am doing a lap rug,it is growing a bit each evening as I watch telly with Mum,I am so happy to have learnt something new this year.

Now for the next lot of packages getting ready to go, I can't really say too much about these and I can only sent up to 3 per week as they are going to a much needed moral boosting area but mail is limited,so the first 3 go tomorrow,I have enough goodies for quite a few so they will be put together and posted each week,we will still do 25 for Egypt in a couple of months and Afghanistan as usual and more books will be going next week.
As you go about your daily life this week can you think just for a few moments about those serving for us,can you enquire if there is someone in your community quietly going about sending boxes as we do?perhaps they may need a few packets of Tim Tams,tubes of Vegemite,anything that would be a treat,I cannot tell you the joy that it brings when ladies turn up on our doorstep and give me a few dollars or some goodies to add to our packages,the thrill of getting a thank you note now and then from the troops is worth more than anything,we do not do it for thanks  but it is wonderful to know that someone actually received the package in a country far away while defending us.
Do you feel you need a little inspiration today? just go for a little blog stroll over to Aussie Hero Quilts and see what is happening there,the world is full of such wonderful generous people,I am so blessed to be associated with them.
May the light of hope shine upon you and may you be blessed by only good things.Life is good,even on the rough days.


  1. Hi Carole. Busy again I see. I'm waiting for a site called 'Aussie Heroine Quilt-Makers'.

    1. lol it is a small thing to do isn't it..I think I am passionate about the cause because each generation we have had soldiers at war in our family,I am just grateful our son is not there I am very selfish,having said that we have had 2 nephews both gone over and come home safe.

  2. I can imagine how treasured those pieces of handy work are going to be when those grand children have their own homes and families..I run my fingers over my nana's embroidery..and I cant describe the feeling it gives me to know she made those things, very beautiful things that I now have....

  3. goodness what a busy lady you are. I love your quilt, a real family heirloom. You say your embroidered pillow slips are simple, but they are very pretty and something any of us would be proud to own.
    Thankyou for your lovely blessing, the same to you, dear Carole x

  4. You have a heart of gold Carole!


  5. I am in awe of your wonderful creative treasures. And your family must be so thankful for the treasure of you in their midst.
    Love from Mum

  6. Carole you are doing some amazing stitching, despite your vision failing you. The quilt top is splendid, your little darling will treasure it I'm sure. The pillowcases are very pretty, brings me memories of being with my Nan who I adored...

  7. You have been working on some lovely projects. The little sizzor keepers are so cute. I don't think I have ever seen anything like them before. It is so nice that you pack boxes to share with those away from home that are serving the country. They must open those boxes and feel comfort and love from home.


  8. What lovely embroidery work you do. Such a wonderful gift for your family to have and cherish. Thank you for sharing...

  9. Please accept a 'One Lovely Blog' award from me

  10. I remember you talking about Bathurst once. Do you live near there? I have good friends who live in Yetholme. Email me if this means anything.

  11. Hello Carole,
    I am your newest follower and I have blog hopped over from Maria's.
    Your house reminds of the Queenslander houses I saw along the sunshine coast when I was visiting my sister there two years ago.....I drooled looking at those houses .....they are so lovely. Yours is really nice too. Ok so this is just hello really I'm back off into your blog to browse around a bit. :-)

    Keep well