Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Wonderful Life

I have been a little late getting the party blog done it has been caotic to say the least.

Mum had the most wonderful day, unfortunately I was in the kitchen most of the time lol but I loved that it was an honour,but it meant I could not take pics.
Ann Marie took reems of photos and as she lives a couple of hours away I have not received the disc yet..However when I picked up my camera someone had taken a few snaps for me with it. Mums favourite colour is pink and most people came in something pink without being asked to so that was lovely,all except the birthday girl she thought that was hillarious.
This is gorgeous young William,formerly known as Bulldozer Bill,he got all dressed up for Great Nanna and shhhhhhhhh as he is her favourite little person she was really impressed,he was a gentleman all day long so we now have to  say goodbye Bulldozer and welcome Master Will.
Malcom was ill and could not come at the last minute so our blue mowhawke friend was absent,AnnMarie made a thigh throbbing entry on her purple trike and swagger and after everyone found out she was really nice they enjoyed her lol but the faces were priceless.
She and my friend Glor got along like a house on fire( must have  had something to do with the fact they speak the same language if you get my drift).F this and F that!..you know they had a rocky start at their first meeting,so it was a relief that they got along.

Mum had a smile on her face all day and we were still chatting to a cousin and a close friend and Aunt and uncle at 8.30 pm to say Mum was tired was an understatement but she did not miss a thing.
I will put some more pics up when I get the good ones,everyone is pulling yukky faces on most of mine .
I will leave you with a pic of AnnMarie and her purple trike as she backed out of our drive,she just adores Mum and the feeling is returned.I felt such a blessing come over me through the day when I looked around and saw the joy of the people as they looked at Mum and she at them,she loved everyone that came and they knew they were specifically chosen by Mum to be here, I think they felt just as special as Mum did.

A little note to say that Stephen our son in law was not well enough to make the trip, being just a week since his heart attack he needed to stay close to the hospital.
Glor my darling friend was not well as she helped me in the kitchen,she had a chest infection,by Sunday night when she returned to Sydney she had to be admitted to hospital with double pnemonia! she is now back home but with nurses visiting daily.
To top that off we were to collect Bobs Mum from the nearest large train station,Maitland today after an 8 hour train trip,only to receive a call last night from Bobs sister saying Great Nanna was in hospital and wont be coming for Christmas.She had gotten herself so worked up about the trip she made herself ill, they are going to do some tests while she is in there, she is 90 years old as well.
So to say it has been a big week is putting it lightly,the up side is, we had a great day for Mums birthday,heaps of food great company and lots of lovely hugs for her, Stephen is getting stronger each day,Malcom is ok and will be fine,Glor is home and improving each day,Bobs Mum is a little better as I write my blog.
I am a great believer in our glass always being half full,obviously God had been trying to tell all these people to take it easy and as they did not he made sure they will!! the other great thing is that while I have been worried about them all I have not had time to worry about me.so how can that be bad!
Have a great day or evening wherever you are,Bob and I are off to be Santa and Mrs Clause at the monthly country dance tonight,so that can only be fun,we do it each year,Bob winges but still says yes when they ask him the following year..can you believe men..I think he secretly likes the adulation the little ones give him..hee hee hee.


  1. Everything went off well with the party I am so pleased, but sorry there was a lot of not well people and hope they are all better soon.

  2. Ditto what Deb said and enjoy your night out as Mr and Mrs Claus!

  3. What a wonderful family time. I'm sure the people who were unable to be there themselves, were with you in spirit.
    The party sounds like it was full of characters, for sure :-D
    Get well soon all the folks who were poorly.

  4. Goodness. Almost as many wounded as walking! I do hope you get to be waited on over Christmas. You mustn't take on ALL the tasks! Have fun as Mr and Mrs C.

  5. It was a fun day Carole. Thankyou for inviting us. You did a wonderful job feeding and looking after all of us.
    God bless.

  6. 'Mum had a smile on her face all day' Carole, you've put the party in a nutshell. What a wonderful memorable occasion despite some of your family and friends not being able to make it (a get well wish to Stephen, Malcolm and of course Bob's Mum as well) Hope Glor is feeling better too. You must have worked your socks off but didn't it pay off, you must feel so chuffed and so you should. xxx

  7. William looks just adorable! xR