Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, December 19, 2010

                                               A Productive Day

Today was the day set out for making homemade Tomato Sauce.It is a different recipe to what I am used to so we have made a decision to go back to old faithful next time as this one is a little spicey but I am sure it will still be enjoyed.It made 8 bottles for hours of work but trying new recipes is half the fun.

Then it was time to make the mini puddings that I make each year.They are so easy  and look so nice, I package 4 into small boxes and deliver them to the oldies  around town that have no one to make them yummies.

You need I home brand Christmas Pudding,take it out of the plastic bowl and crumble it, add a small amount of orange juice to bind it,roll into small balls about 1 inch and place in mini patty cases.
Melt white chocolate over water and drizzle a teaspoon over each pud. Place 1/4 of a red glace' cherry on each and 2 strips of green cherry to look like leaves and ta dah thats all.
These are so simple and so tasty, sometimes I cut up cellaphane into thin strips and place them in the little boxes first,whatever takes your fancy.
Have a lovely day,I am meeting my DIL tomorrow at her sisters so Molly can say hello to her brothers and so I can have a hug from the grandchildren and give them their Christmas gifts as they have decided not to come home this year,no matter what we think we must put on a smile and accept decisions that may not sit happy in our hearts.peacemakers are precious so I must tell myself that many times on the drive there,at least I am going to get to see them.
I am ok,I think God is taking the stress from me for now,and for that I am truley grateful.


  1. You have been a busy Lady and always looking after everyone else, make sure you look after yourself too. I am so glad you are getting to see the Grandkids and give them their presents and yes we have to keep the peace where possible:0)

  2. How lovely everything looks, your kitchen must be a very welcoming place to be.