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Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life Gets Tiedous Don't It !!!!

There is a really old country type song that is almost spoken rather than sung and for the life of me I can't remember the singers name, it is on the tip of my tongue like may other things these days, but at the end of each little verse are the words "life gets tiedious don't it" and this last 2 weeks that  is how I feel.

Getting ready for Mums 90th has been an honour and the big day is Saturday with 30 people she has chosen to be here, many relatives are not coming as she says they never call her or come see her, she just wants to enjoy the people that care,which I think is great, but I have to sy doing it all by myself has been a mamoth job and working full time,I do wish I had a sister or my daughter lived nearby to help a little.
All the cooking is done other than the fresh foods that will be put together on the Sat morn,the freezers are full with yummies as we have vegetarians in the family I have made the meaty version and the vegie version of everything.The house is all spic and span.
We wrapped all our Christmas presents 2 weeks ago and the house is ready for Christmas also, the lights are all up out the front and the tree is done,I had to be organised otherwise it would all go pear shaped lol.
As we are posties you can imagine how hectic work is with parcels and letter galore and Bob and I haveing to deliver mail on weekends also from the first sat in Dec till Christmas is here.
So as the song says Life gets tiedious don't it.We are exhausted,but in a good way.
Then Bam!!!!!!!!!!!! a batman type bam!!
Do you believe in miracles and God or maybe you call it coincidence in your world?

Our darling 49 year old son in law had a heart attack on Saturday morning! he had just gotten to work when it happened.Praise God we still have our lovely Stephen.
He works at the John Hunter Hospital so that was the first blessing,he was supposed to have been driving to Queensland with the three children to see his very ill Mum and William was not well and as she has had Chemo ,Will was not safe to take near Gran yet,2nd blessing, as it could have happened while he was driving.If he had not gone to work he would have laid down on the bed and never woken up 3rd blessing.

Stephen and Kate had been painting their loungroom all week and he was getting some dizziness and some chest pain which he said was indigestion,and was annnoying but the room was finished everything back in place and they were thrilled.it had taken Kate months to talk Steve into painting the room as it was so badly needed.
He went to work Sat morn was there half an hour when he felt very nautious,he threw up and the Bam,the heart attack happened!
They raced him in and did an angeogram and straight to theatre as his lower chamber had no blood going into it,thats where the blockage was, he had a stent put in  and yesterday he came home.
Stephen has for a long time looked pretty awful, he has been tired for as long as I can remember coming home from work and having to have a rest, in fact it used to make me feel a bit cranky as our kate works very long hours also and she never gets enough rest, now it is clear why he has been like that,he told me yesterday he feels more energetic already.Steve has been a very heavy smoker and lives on coffee and smokes rather than food..guess what life is about to change for him.
There is a new beginning at their home today a change in lifestyle and food.He has had a terrible fright and so have we.
We love this man so much, he is quiet, does not like foolish people, no patience with anyone that hurts others,so protective of his little family.He has in the past spent so many hours playing his Xbox thingo etc and just nodding if the children ask this or that, he tells me thats all about to change yay!! he has had an awakening and that can only be good.
The strange thing is all this is that our daughter is a medical person holding a major positon in The Mater Hospital,she is a trained ICU intensive care nurse of 20 years in her other work life and Stephen is also a hospital worker so they know all the signs yet Kate said she never thought it could be that.At the moment on TV they are running and Add that says if you have dizziness and pain that is like indigestion,call OOO as it may be a Heart Attack.So it just goes to show that not only do plumbers always have dripping taps in their home, medical people also just go along not knowing what is about to happen.
Yesterday it all sunk in, we were all like stunned Mullets,the realisation of how lucky we are to have Stephen has made us all think hard about what is important in life.
He will be here for Great Nanas birthday on Sat " are you up for that" I asked."Mum I almost did not get there so nothing will keep us away",they have to travel over 2 hours and he does only have to sit in the car as he has 6 weeks on not being allowed to do anything much and no smokes ever again and no coffee for a little while as this will trigger the want of a smoke.
Bless him, dear Lord and thankyou for giving him a second chance,we praise and adore our Heavenly Father for his kindness,not everyone is so blessed to  survive.
So we are a little worn and torn but the weekend will come and go and be over before we know it so we will savour  every moment.
Thanks for reading my ramblings ,it is not woe is me, just life I guess and when we are tired we think "Life gets tiedious don't it".


  1. Carole your life sounds one mad whirl! Congratulations to your lovely Mum on her 90th birthday. You have worked so hard. Hope you all have a wonderful day on Saturday. My very best wishes to Stephen too for a speedy recovery

  2. Happy 90th Birthday to your mum. A great milestone.

    Sorry to hear about Stephen. Yes there usually are warning signs leading up to a heart attack. My dad had this happen a couple of years ago. When he thought back he had the warnings too.

    "Your health is your wealth" is a very true statement. Eat healthy and exercise means less visits to the doctor.

    Life does get that way doesn't it? I think this is the song you are referring too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9PNTCwRneY

    Take care,


  3. Happy Birthday to your Mum and hope she has a great party. You have been working so hard on the party and other things, take care of yourself. I am so glad Stephen is ok, it is a worry when things go wrong but yes it could have been a lot worse, but luckily someone is watching over him.
    Take care

  4. Hope you are now all out of 'Stunned Mullet' mode, and that S is feeling better. Illness, accidents, or even death, have no respect for the Christmas season.

    My very best wishes to your mother Carole. She'll have no idea who I am, but my wishes are sincere.

  5. Wow Carole. That is very scarey. God is looking after him. Just decided he needed a little shake up. Hope he is feeling better and I'll see you on Saturday.

  6. Praising the Lord with you! God is certainly good to us. He protected the whole family and held back this attack until right in the hospital where Stephen works. We certainly serve a GOOD GOD.

    Praying you all have a very BLESSED birthday celebration with your mom.


  7. oh, my! I'm glad angioplasty has worked for your son--he sure got a wake up call!