Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Now where the bloody hell are you going to put that!!!!!!"

I saw this little cupboard at the op shop...I fell in love with it and a matching small table ,I just had to buy them.
I gingerly snuck them inside the house, Mum thought they were wonderful,she asked "where are we going to put them"?And I replied"quick lets think of somewhere before Bob gets home"lol.
Of couse being resourseful ladies we decided the little table would be perfect for beside Bobs chair in the lounge room and he could place his glass of wine there..(that was good thinking !),while he watched TV.

The little cupbaord was just what I had been looking for to put my craft in,things I use all the time in a handy place,we  decided that it would fit beautifully on my button shelf so,of course things had to be moved and dusted. I was in the middle of dusting when Bob got home from work, he saw the two items out the back room,he asked "who's are these"? "ours" we replied,now he says "where the bloody hell are you going to put that!"
The little cupbaord is perfect for my craft and it was exactly what I had been looking for to use to store the things I most often use and it looks great.

I carefully moved the tray mobile from the place beside his chair,moved the rocking horse and rearranged the quilt ladder and made a perfect sized space for the little table,moved all my button jars across to make room for the cupbaord and then asked Bob for sugestions as to where we he thought we could place them,he thought the little table would be great beside his chair,and the cupboard up above my work desk,gosh he is clever!!! we would never have thought of that!

He loves his little table,I haven't told him yet (as it has a photo and and angel on it,and room for a cup or a glass),but the top lifts up and perfect to put embroideries in and it has 2 little draws that will hold threads,I can't wait to line them up in rows in their colours all co ordinated lol,afterall what would a man want with a little table with a lift top and 2 draws he only needs a place to put his drink and O'h of course the remote!!

Men must never ever understimate the power of women ,when two get their heads together it is even worse a 61 year old and a 90 year old,what chance does poor old Bob have.
It is a strange thing but women are born with an extra sense,it is the sense of knowing what will be acceptable and what is not,presented with the right elements I think most things become acceptable and almost always become the great idea that the fellows have come up with, while we smile sweetly and tell them they are just wonderful,and how we would never have thought of that.

I do give thanks to God for such a good husband,although sometimes a grumpy old thing,he is always willing to listen to my ideas and if he ever does say no to anything it is because he knows best( well thats what I tell him,then present the idea another day in another way) its a win ,win situation whichever way it happens,I just love him,he just loves me...so he gos with the flow lol .

God makes things in pairs I think,sometimes you get the right and left to make a perfect pair, sometimes you don't . I think we got the perfect fit,after 40 years together he probably knew exactly what Mum and I were up to and just let us think that he thought it was his idea when all along he was smirking inside that tough old skin thinking"here we go again"!At least it's not boring.
Have a beautiful day and may blessings abound at your home.


  1. When I have a controversial idea, I always try to make Lady M think it was her idea in the first place. She always knows exactly what I'm up to.... Can't win!

  2. I think all men are the same and if it is 'their' idea it is good :0). Great finds.

  3. Oh YES....It's ALWAYS a great idea when they think they've come up with it....hahahahaha....Poor dears....What WOULD they do without us for inspiration....hahahahaha....I LOVE your little cupboard....!!

    Hope you're having a WONDERFUL week & your Mum is well....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. I have the exact same little cupboard Carole!
    Mine is in the bathroom and I use it to hold my creams, makeup etc. Warwick has the top shelf for his manly things and I have the bottom shelf.
    Bob and Warwick are so alike. You know me, I'm always bringing things into the house hoping he won't notice and when he does I always say that it's been there for AGES!!!
    Melissa xx

  5. Such a very pretty little cupboard.

  6. I got one of those Men too! I cop the same questions when sneaking something into the house.

    Nice little cupboard, it looks lovely where you have placed it.

    These men they just act tough, but are really as soft as butter lol.


  7. Carole - you are a one :0) I think I must be like your Bob and my darling hubs like you! He has a passion for car boots and brings all sorts of treasures home and I wonder where on earth I'm going to put them all! I am totally hopeless at shopping and only do food shopping and buy plants when the gardening season comes round. Good job God didn't make us all the same! We are two halves of a whole too!