Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, May 8, 2011


                                                            Bits and Pieces Again!

Updates etc, Jan is home and actually was sent home the day after surgery with her tubes etc in, they are now removed and she is getting stronger which needs to before the next reatment starts.D DAy is Wed when she will find out what they discovered in the operation,so we are praying big time that they have gotten all the Cancer.

No children could come home for Mothers Day but we had lovely packages in the mail and precious cards, I do not want gifts just love and sweet thoughts ,our son in law just lost his Mum so our daughter needed to be home for him this , I really encouraged her to be there as Ruth died in their home and it seemed to me it would be a hard day for Steve when he returned from work,our son and his family went to Sydney for the day, my daughter in law no longer has a Mum and finds i hard on this day to come to us, i guess I just have to miss out because of her pain but I do not say anything but it is 10 years ago now and I would dearly love to see our grandchildren and our son on this day,who knows maybe next year?

A little bit of fun with photo thingo that another blog sugested and although Mum never did anything that would get her into the newspaper I decided that she deserves a full page lol she is enjoying strawberry mousse last Mothers Day,the other page is me in a vulgar hat at last years Seniors Day as we had to dress for the theme,Mad Hatters party.

We are so blessed to still have our Mum she is 90 and getting a little more frail now,but she still comes to work with me 3 days a week as you know I take her then I know what she is up to! lol,honestly she is marvellous, insists on doing the ironing and washing up and she was not alowed to do either yesterday.
We still have Bobs Mum also and she is also 90 but it is so far to her home over 8 hours we were not able to go to her but we have just been at Easter,hopefully she will be here for Christmas.

Well our Seniors day is approaching, now 7 weeks away and  I will show you what some people have been giving to me for pressies for them in my next blog.
Be blessed and have a lovely safe day, I hope my RAK ladies get their parcels today and enjoy them.


  1. So glad to hear that your sister-in-law came through her surgery, Carole, and is home again.Send her all my best wishes. A little bit sad that the children were away for Mother's Day for you but that's how it is sometimes. Hope you had a lovely special day all the same. xx

  2. Thinking of you and your famaily.

  3. Hi, thanks for your message! I know who to come to if I need buttons now! :o)

    Take care

    C x

  4. Wonderful news of Jan, how lovely to have both Mums and the grand age of 90! xx