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Our Home our Haven

Sunday, May 15, 2011


                              HOLY TOLEDO BATMAN DID YOU SEE THAT!

It is time for me to start getting ready for the Seniors day and although some people do not believe in miracles I can say that I do!I sometimes stand at my doorway with my mouth wide open when I find these packages ,peoples generosity never ceases to astound me,I love our little town and here are a few reasons why.

                                        On my doorstep this week were the following:

A small selection of the crochet hangers and tea towels.

At the back of the pic are 40 mens hankies with combs,handtowels and soaps and deodorants,then 40 ladies makeup purses with a hankie and lip balm inside and the donator had made little beaded attachment to the zippers for easy opening.

There are also 40 shower gel and  deodorant packages,what can you say when you find these things left for you,I almost always know who the little fairies are that leave these things,but to say they leave me in awe every year is just an understatementt,how unselfish of them and to think that these people are not all that well off...I am a proud Aberdeenian.
My other weekend activity was our Soup and Damper night at church,5 of us made soups and slices and we had a fashion parade as well.
We always just have a crowd of 40 people, we charge $20 each and  so we made over $800 just on the door without the raffle,amazing... and as us girls take all the food there is not any outlay, so if you want a good money earner for your little group this is a quick,labour friendly way to do it.

My soup that I had to take was Minestrone,this is a delishious recipe that I actually got off the net,with that Parmesan and parsley added when it is served it is yummy, I have taken this one for the past 3 years and it gets more and more popular.

I always take this slice for special times. it is quick, easy and absolutely lovely,the best thing is you can make it the day before,it is Lattice Slice.I make it in the container it is an easy way to carry it,if you do it in a slice tray it is harder to carry and not get covered in cream!
Hope you have had a lovely weekend and back to work tomorrow...damn...anyway hopefully I can get back to crafting this week,following other blogs is making me want to make many lovely things.


  1. Mmmm would love the recipes for your soup and slice :]

  2. What a wonderful idea for fundrasing and I should think a lovely atmosphere.

  3. Hi Kimmie I will get the recipes up soon as I can,I should have done it with the blog lol.
    Hi Kath it is a warmcosy nice amount and almost everyone knows each other so it is more like a get together.

  4. Oh please do share your recipes for the yummy looking soup and slice...that is a great fundraising idea and all those packages at your door for you, there are some generous souls around.


  5. That is just so generous of your fairies, such a great thing to do - helping the senior citizens.
    The soup and damper night sounds like lots of fun!