Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, August 4, 2012

                              A gorgeous Sunday...what a blessing after many cold days....

Bacon and Eggs fro brekky on Bobs favourite toy a little gas BBQ that uses cylinders,so economical.

Strip all the beds and wash the sheets...nothing so beautiful to me than crawling into the bed the night we have the fresh sheets,bliss....I would do it every day f I had the energy lol..
 I saw this at Mr Miles farm this week I could not believe it,he even let me touch his foot before fluttering to a higher branch,can you see Mr Owl?He is a Tawny Frogmouth.
 Shopping from Bunnings ..yes and there was more!
 Here it is Mulch,plants and an arch what fun for Sunday.
 Before......very unkept and sad all but the bulbs.

 After..looking up the yard, a new bird bath and arch that is the aged look.

After looking down the yard,the shrubs are all smaller varieties and the bulbs all still in there,the shrubs will all be about 1 mtre so it will be very pretty in a couple of months.
Before ,the old stump garden,over run with daisies and nasturshims,Bob wanted to make this a native garden to attract native birsds so it just has Grevillias and Kangaroo paws in it,this will be plenty as the shrubs mature.
After,as you can see we have mulched everything with sweet sugar cane mulch ready for summer.

This is the garden that backs up to the vegie garden,it was always the "do it one day" garden

It now is the home for the old wishing well,Roses and some lovely succulents,there is a Boganvillia climber going to be over the pagola poles.Behind on the other side of the wore are Passionfruits and Blackberries.

So that has been Sunday and finally something nice and yummy for dinner...This  is a chicken and Pasta dish ,made the same as Lasagna and the Prochuto? on top o'h yumm simple and easy to end the week...except..we had this through the week and Bob has a leg of lamb in the webber for tonights dinner..of course I will have to take a pic or he will never forgive me..
Have a wonderful evening and enjoy your family.

I will take you on a little tour of my week,a moment of wondereverything grows....so off we go....


  1. I feel a right duffer, I looked and looked and looked for that owl, I enlarged the picture and everything...lol...I didnt realise you had taken it up so close! Wow, nature is amazing...his feathers look just like the bark on the tree, an d if it wasnt for the eye, you would never see him....glad Im not a mouse, I would be dinner for sure!

  2. Amazing Owl. Leg of Lamb here tonight too.

  3. You have been busy. I dont know how you do it all Carole, with working and caring for the family too.
    It all looks very smart, well done to all sho worked so hard!

  4. Oh my goodness, I really want to come have brekky at your house Carole! the garden looks wonderful, the plants will mature nicely... and how lovely to fall into bed on nice fresh sheets after all the hard work?!

  5. Garden looks great Carole. You have been busy.
    And I think we might just pop in for brekkie one day!!

  6. Hello Carole
    Groan!!!! what a yummy breakfast absolutely no no for me fighting against the kilos as usual.
    For the life of me I couldn't see that owl and then I enlarged the pic and it was my husband who spotted it!!! Amazing how wonderful is mother nature! I use one of my mother-in-law's vintage cotton sheets on the settee...its very hot here at present and the blankets I use are so itchy and hot. Cotton is the best.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)
    your newish follower