Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blessings of still having my Mum,Childrens Laughter ,an Indulgent purchase and some craft...what more can there be!!!

 One of the many blessings of still having Mum at almost 92 is that she sneaks and leaves me a little surprise now and then when the violets are out,this is something I will miss one day,it is the little things in life that are special.

 A visit from our daughters two youngest for 5 days was wonderful,our daughter was in the annual 48 hour Oxfam walk,we are so proud of her she lasted the whole distance,her feet are not so happy lol...so Olivia helped me at work...
 It was great having a gate opener to get into some of the farms......
 Here she is in all her gorgeousness sitting in her favourite spot on the edge of our pond,Livvy escapes from a teasing brother for some quiet time.
 PA PA cooks the breakfast of fresh eggs for him and the children,another thing they always do,notice the lovely table cloth,Bobs pet hate so therefor a plain table to eat from...at night it is graced with a cover mostly.
William helps Pa Pa do a repair that Grammy caused,sadly the whole wheel had to coem off to do it! i got caught on the edge of a cattle grid and it pulled the trim off,it is so easy to do as the cattle trucks often pull the steel out of shape and it is dangerous.
 I could not leave these at the shop,they were $1 a pair and in vintage colours,actually the brand is Vintage something lol..I will give some of these away ,they are vaccumn sealed and in such lovely soft cream,pink,blue and green.
 At last I have finished my rug,it has ended up quite large as long as a single bed,I ran out of pink wool and when I bought more the dye lot was different i was thankful it was a rug and not a jumper! so i had to make an even amount each end of pink waves,just because I am a symmetrical person,at times a curse! lol but it is done now,I think I need to rethink colours this is the third I have made in these shades.
  Trimmed some hand towels to put with some of grannies gardens wonderful soaps at Christmas time.
Trimmed some tea towels just for the sake of it.These will also be given away.
That is about my lot for this week.Life just seems to tumble by so quickly,I found when we took the children part way home yesterday I was pooped!!!
Maybe it was the 2 hours at the park,maybe it was the cooking marathon on Saturday,maybe it was the non stop chatter,maybe I am just getting old,it does not matter it was wonderful,worth it and we can't wait for them to come again,we know we are alive when William hits the door lol.
So we have been loved up by Livvy and bashed up by Will,Molly will sleep for days as she loved  chasing the kids and Great Nana will miss them terribly.
In my last post I mentioned that the tiny lady helping out was to be Queen at the Seniors event that was held yesterday, I did not go I have stepped back but I got a call from a very excited Queen she was so surprised,very well deserved,so wonderful to make someone feel so special.
Have a wonderful week,I have to go now to work but this evening hope to catch up on all the blog reading that I have missed while the little ones were here.


  1. You have been busy Carole. I feel tired just reading how busy you have been. All that craft! I am jealous. I need to hurry up if I want start on Christmas presents. Can't wait to come and see you all. Very soon I promise! xxx

  2. lovely post Carole i so love my visits with you,love those vintage jars,just gorgeous and such a great price and your rug is absolutely gorgeous love those colours.xx

  3. I am loving your lovely home and family:)

    Lots of pretties there, you are very clever! And I have been eyeing off your kitchen dresser, lots of goodies I like on there. I have the same big blue plate as the one on the top. I dont have it on display but you have inspired me to dig it out and show it!

    Have a great day Carole!


  4. The trouble with having grandchildren come to stay, is that it's so depressing when they leave. Even the dogs were listless after our last visit.

  5. It is the little things that one misses. I'm sure you appreciate your mum so much.
    Your vintage jars are just beautiful. They would make lovely presents maybe filled with soaps, or cookies.

  6. I always enjoy your posts Carole, seeing where you live, your family and your pleasure in them is a delight.
    I did smile when you said you were a symmetrical person. I am a Libran and I a crave balance :-)

  7. Hi
    Another week full of news. I don't know if you managed to read my comment on the last post?
    Great to see you all having fun with the Grandchildren again.
    Well done for getting lots of projects finished! It all looks great. And what beautiful vintage pots.

    Have a great week!

    Sft p.s. pop over and see the leopard!

  8. You are one busy lady and you have a lovely family. It's the little things that make the memories.
    Love from Mum

  9. hi Carole
    Your mum is a real little sweetheart!. Well done to your daughter on her oxfam walk. Looks like the grandchildren are very happy with you & Bob.
    Your rug is amazing such beautiful colours.The pots are lovely to.Lucky they were in your neck of the woods.I think they would have beeninmy shopping basket to!.They will make lovely gifts
    Take care of yourself

  10. Carole it's always so lovely to read about your enjoyment of your grandkids, family connection is so very important. The crochet blanket is just gorgeous, well done, it gives me something to aspire to!

  11. A great read about your daily life. Wonderful, wonderful Mum to pick sweet violets...hey, I am singing 'sweet violets, sweeter than the roses' - I bet you know that old song? Sure, I knew you did. Lovely blanket - exactly as others have said - where do you get the time? Tea towels and hand towels are all tastefully decorated....little touches show your love in every stitch.
    Greetings from a wet Northern Ireland where we have had the wettest summer for 100 years...and the children go back to school on Monday - the forecast is better for next week, poor things.
    Take care...special love to a sweet Mum and Great Gran....and yes, I can tell you from experience that indeed you will miss her...but she's still going strong for her age!!