Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, August 18, 2012

                             HEY GOOD LOOKIN' WATCHYA GOT COOKING?

Life has been a bit hectic,blogging has been on the back burner so just a few pics and not much else today,I apologise if it is little self indulgent...but here we go....

 Somone new has come to live at our house and we love her!!!!!!!!
                                    She makes wonderful meringue,this is Lemon and Passionfruit  pie.
                                                     Bonoffee pie a family favourite....
                                                             Strawberry Cheesecake.....
                                                    My apprentice biscuit crumber.....
 Upcycling of fruit juice bottles,I have never seen this before and an old lady bought some in from the farm for sale....
 Simply cut a hole in one side and load it up,these held 2 dozen eggs...but you probably all knew about this already...lol.....
                                                                 "What you got there Mum?"
                                                   "O'h my favourite,I think I will have that one!"
 All the cooking was for this day,our annual Wrap and Giggle for the seniors of the town,I know I am supposed to give it all up,but I said just one more time,this time 2 beautiful students came to help,there were 12 of us ladies as well.
 SHHhhhhhhhh!!! don't tell anyone but that little lady in the pic will be this years Queen,she has no idea and her quilt is lovely and yes I forgot to take a pic...typical..!
 There was a ring at the doorbell and the local Pizza place in the next town heard what we were doing and delivered pizza's...after all that cooking...I still put out all the chicken and of course the sweeties,it was a wonderful surprise and even those that did not usually eat it did.Well done Domino's!
 No more Pics  said Mum,she was in there helping bless her ,she had a lovely time with the girls..isn't she great for almost 92!
What more is there to do after a busy day,all plum tuckered out,Molly too as she was busy saying hello to everyone,a snooze was well deserved.
Thanks for visiting me and my ramblings,see you next time...have a wonderful week for of sunshiny smiles,warm hearts and may every kindness come your way.


  1. lovely pics Carole especially the last one of your mum and molly.xx

  2. What a lovely post Carole, I love seeing your wonderful community activities. I did laugh at Molly, our dogs will do that too if they get the chance!

  3. I thought something had landed from outer space when I first started reading the post. Then I got really engrossed with all the food. I bet you all had a wonderful time. I think you've got your mum working too hard with all that biscuit crushing! No wonder she's 'plum tuckered out'. (Brilliant phrase!)
    Love from Mum

  4. i love your new friend! & especially what she can produce yum yum & yummy. I would be on a plane straight over! If only I could!
    Bless your mum she is a real sweetie, just like you! x x xtake care

  5. Wrap and Giggle? I didn't know that Domino's had a soul.. well done them!

  6. Until you can "give it all up" you set a fine example for those lovely young ladies coming along behind you. Well done.

  7. You've been busy bees in Oz. Love the picture of your apprentice biscuit crumber ad all the other pictures too xx

  8. Great to have you back - missed you - how dare you show me all those gorgeous looking deserts on my first day of strict eating so I can get into some holiday clothes in 3 weeks time...LOL! Great cooking - well done you. Mum deserves her wee sleep and doggy does too - it's very tiring 'meeting and greeting' folk!

  9. Oh, wow you will give that new mixer a good workout Carole! Great to see your post, I do love the pics of your Mum, she's great to get involved where she can with things.. and the dog is such a character

  10. What a cook up and pizza to finish up with...Your Mum is amazing getting in there and helping

  11. OH, I loved this post. The food looked delicious. Your helpers looked lovely and friendly.

    How clever is Georgie, taking that frie from your mouth. Lovely to see you and her again.

    Great to see your mum (she is one of my faves).

    Bob where art thou?

    Now I have a question-Mr Sft keeps saying 'plum tuckered out' and I thought he'd made it up but then I see you have used it too.

    Is it an Australian saying?

    Sft xxxxx