Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Belated Mothers Day

Our little corner of love where we place our cards and Mothers Day flowers,this is the other favourite "old girl" in our home,she has been with us a long time and still works wonderfully well.

I forgot to write a little bit when it was Mothers Day last week.I realise how very,very blessed i am to still have my Mum.

her name is Joyce and she lives with Bob and i full time.Se is 89 years and will be 90 in December. She is no trouble at all and is in charge of the washing up and ironing and woe betied us if we try to take those jobs.

Mum has been both Mum and Dad to me since I was 14 ,she left the family home and took us to safety to our grandparents and we had a safe and happy time. Mum worked 2 jobs to keep us and raise us up,she worked until she was 60,she did a great job.
In my family the daughter has always taken the mother in and looked after her so I always knew that I would do it, there was no discussion or worry it just happened when the time was right,that was 2 years ago,Mum lost her twin sister at 85 and found it was too hard to stay in the town where she lived 3 hours away from us and so she made the sea change.
It has worked out so well, Mum comes to the bush with me 3 days a week(Iknow what she is up to the lol) as she is naughty and goes into the garden without her stick and is prone to falls,so she loves to come with me, seeing the Eagles, kangaroos, horses,lambs and occasionally an Echidna.
I just wanted to say I am so proud to be my mothers daughter,and that I take after her and not my father as I would not have been born with a fairness,honesty, a generous heart, a kind tongue and a love of my fellow man, so thank you mum.

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  1. Hi there Carole
    Thank you so much for joining my Boudoir Swap! You are very welcome. I am so glad you joined as I have now found your sweet blog...you really are blessed with such a loving family, close community spirit and handsome husband! I am sure I read that you had a quilt extravaganza....didnt see any pics though....everyone loves to see project pics hint hint!
    Lovely to "meet you" Carole
    Best regards
    Deborah {fondantkiss} x